The Internet is well entrenched into today’s society and is a wonderful thing.  It brings people together, helps them nurture their relationships and provides a wealth of information. With video chat, social media, podcasts, music and so much more, we have instant access to what’s happening in our neighborhood and all over the world. 20 years ago we used phones that were attached to the wall with cords.  We had to rely on newspapers or TV to get information and that usually only happened during the news broadcast at suppertime or the morning paper. Radio was a bit more current and could bring us information faster but it had its limitations as well.

Today’s children find it hard to comprehend the limitations we faced 25 years ago.  It’s hard to believe how quickly and how far technology has taken today’s family. The great challenge can be learning how to use these technologies to enhance our families and even the homes we live in.  For example, did you know…

  1. You don’t have to own a computer to be connected to the internet
  2. Being connected can actually help protect your family
  3. Getting connected can allow a senior to remain independent longer


ENTER WIFI (wireless access to the internet)  Instant access to more communications than has ever been available in the history of this world.  Think of the Internet as another utility into your home.  You have electrical for power, plumbing for water and sewer for … well, you know. The internet is a utility for ultimate communications. And, like power, plumbing and sewer, no one expects you to put it in, fix it or maintain it – it just works and you use it. The internet allows you to see your children by way of skype or video chat, keep in touch with loved ones through social media, do some shopping without long line ups, and even order pizza that shows up at your door 30 minutes later! The internet can literally help keep a person at home, living independently in a safe and secure environment.

Check back in two weeks for Chapter 2 when we talk about how the internet can help with independent living…. How it can even help you make sure your stove is shut off if it’s been on a little too long or disabled during times you know it shouldn’t

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