The iGuardStove has prevented more than potential kitchen fires.

The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for a full five minutes. However, every time it sees you move within those five minutes it will continuously reset the countdown timer BACK to the full five minutes over and over again which ultimately rewards you with continuous cooking.  It’s only when you are gone for the full five minutes that the iGuardStove will step-in and shut off the stove.

When cooking a roast or simmering a sauce you can easily increase the countdown timer for longer times.

The iGuardStove is Rated #1 in stove fire prevention! 

We love our iGuardStove and really don’t think our mother could live at home without it. It is the number one most important piece of equipment that we use to keep Mom safe at home.  Outstanding product!!

John K, Wisconsin

I live in a busy house with 3 children (all of them are learning to use the stove) and there have been instances when they leave the cooking area unattended, greatly increasing the risk of smoke damage or a fire. iGuardStove is extra peace of mind knowing a disaster can be avoided before it starts.

Jeff K

I bought an iGuardStove to protect my mother and was so impressed that I told everyone I knew. After seeing the enthusiasm I had about our families newly gained peace of mind someone suggested that I should be selling the product. After a couple of quick calls I have become a sales agent for iGuardFire. That’s how deeply this device has affected our lives.

Jim B

Our iGuardStove arrived Monday morning it is now installed. It has made an 83 year old lady with early stage dementia happy that she could use her stove again. iGuardFire seems like a great outfit to deal with and it’s been a very satisfying experience.

Bryan M

There is nothing like the iGuardStove on the market today and people are desperate for something like this that enhances independence and safety for their loved ones. It’s a real game changer.

Kris S

I was recently given an iGuardStove and easily connected myself. I do have Internet and Wi-Fi and found it easy to follow the step by step setup manual. I love having the protection and know that I don’t have to worry if I forget my cooking even if I think I won’t forget. One more thing I forgot to mention is that I am a young 83 year old. Thank you iGuardFire.

Joyce E

Thank You iGuardStove for protecting my family and providing us with the peace of mind knowing lifes little cooking mistakes will not lead to disaster.

Bonnie J

Why iGuard?

According to the NFPA, the #1 cause of home fires is unattended cooking.

8,772,900 cooking fires in 2020
47% caused by unattended cooking*

Cooking fires are the #1 cause of fire related injuries and #2 cause of residential fire deaths. **

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) people over the age of 65 have a 2.5 times greater risk of injury or dying in a kitchen fire than any other age groups***

*American Burn Association
** National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2020 Cooking Fire Report

Patented Advanced Proximity Sensing and Timer Technology for Safety and Peace of Mind

  • Automatic Shut Off/Manual Timer – Motion sensor & countdown timer automatically shuts off the stove after 5 up to 15 minutes of no motion. Can be manually set for longer uninterrupted cooking time.

  • Remote Access with Smart Devices– Get alerts and remote access to settings even when you are not present for peace of mind.

  • Caregiver/Child/ Late Night Lock – Allows family members or caregivers to disable the stove to control late-night or unsafe use or accidental energizing of the stove by children or pets.

  • 24/7 Activity Monitor – Monitors and records any motion in the kitchen during the day or night and can be set to send customized alerts (i.e. first entry, no activity past a certain time; late night activity) to family members or caregivers

  • Gas and Ambient Temperature Sensors – Detects and warns of unburned gas (gas model only) and when hot or cold temperature limits are exceeded in a home. (ie: can prevent frozen pipes)

  • Emergency Button – Instantly Shuts off the Stove and sends a text/email alerts to designated caregivers for immediate response.

  • Gas Sensor – Detects and warns of unburned gas (gas model only)

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