Protect family members, loved ones, or tenants from the number one cause of fires in the home.

Stop Kitchen Fires Before They Start!

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Patented Technology – Advanced Motion Sensing and Timer Technology

Automatic Stove Shut Off/Manual Timer

A motion sensor and adjustable countdown timer automatically shut off the stove after 5 minutes of no motion.  A Manual Timer can be set for longer uninterrupted and unattended cooking times.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Access

Being connected to the Internet allows you to receive alerts as well as remote access to check on the status and to customize the settings directly from your smart device.

Caregiver/Child/Late Night Lock

Allows family members or caregivers to disable the stove to control late-night unsafe use or accidental energizing of the stove by children or pets

24/7 Activity Monitor

Monitors and records any motion in the kitchen during the day or night, and can be set to send customized alerts to family members or caregivers

Ambient Temperature Sensors

Detects and warns of hot or cold temperature limits being exceeded in a home. This can reduce the risk of exposure to temperature extremes and prevent frozen pipes

Emergency Button

Instantly shuts off the stove and sends a text/email alert to designated caregivers for an immediate response

Remotely Access Your Account

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Insights provides you with a valuable collection of information from activities in the kitchen and can identify both immediate issues as well as situations that are developing over time. For issues that require an immediate response, Insights can alert you by way of either text or email, or both. To make it easy to see behaviour changing over time, Insights provides you the information in the form of easy-to-read graphs and reports.

Alert Messages Subscription

Turn On

Lets you know the moment someone has turned the stove on

Auto Shut Off

Lets you know the moment the stove has had to be shut off automatically.

Good Morning Message

Lets you know when someone is mobile and has arrived into the kitchen to start their day.

No Motion Detected

Lets you know that no one has shown up in the kitchen to start their day and may be immobile.

Unburned Gas Alert

Alerts you to a dangerous build-up of unburned gas.

Room Temperature Alerts

Either of the high/low temperature extremes has been reached.

Emergency Button

Someone may be in distress and has pressed the Emergency button to shut off the stove.

Loss of Communication

The server can no longer see the device to send out Alerts. Attention is required.


iGuardStove’s Features

Here are a list of the iGuardStove Features.  Click to open the box to read more about each one.

The secret behind the iGuardStove is the Patented Advanced Motion Sensor technology that senses movement in the cooking area and then reacts accordingly.

After you walk away from the cooking area this is the amount of time that will countdown before the stove will be automatically shut off.  However, every time it sees you move within those 5 minutes it will continuously reset the countdown timer BACK to the full 5 minutes over and over again which ultimately rewards you with continuous cooking.

It’s only when you are gone for the full 5 minutes that the timer will expire and shut off the stove.

This feature will override the Auto Shut Off Motion Sensor and the stove will run on just the timer.  This allows you to cook for longer times uninterrupted and unattended for things like a roast or simmering a soup.  One this timer expires it simply shuts off the stove.

The Audio and Visual Reminders will let you know just before the stove is about to be shut off so you can return to the kitchen thereby resetting the 5 minute countdown timer to continue cooking.  It will also let you know prior to the Normal Stove Mode timer expiring.

Easily connects your iGuardStove to your Smart Home system.

Using your online account you can have text and/or email alerts to be sent right to your smart devcie, check in to see the stove usgae as well as access the settings.

This allows a person to have the ability to lock the stove out locally using the iGuardStove in the kitchen.

This is our most popular feature.  It allows you to disable the stove during certain times to prevent someone from trying to cook at 3am while others are asleep in the home.

This adds a second level of protection. If the stove knob is turned on the stove will not energize until a confirmation button is pressed confirming that you do in fact want the stove to turn on.

Explain more about Insights.

This tracks how often the iGuardStove has to shut off the stove because the cooking has been forgotten. These events are stored on a Calendar so family and care workers can evaluate memory changes over time.  The information you get may help expose changes in eating habits.  Ie: If the stove hasn’t been used in 5 days it may be a sign of a potential problem affecting their appetite.

This is a peace of mind text that arrives on your device first thing in the morning when it sees that your loved one is up and mobile to start their day.

This will alert you if there has not been any activity in the kitchen for a period of time. Someone may have fallen and this is a great way to warn you that something is out of the ordinary.

The motion sensor in the iGuardStove will record activity during late night hours so you can monitor if your loved one is having trouble sleeping. This is also part of there Insights Reporting.

Night Time Activity

Track loved ones movement at night

Notifications of warnings are sent directly to your smart phone so you can quickly respond. Example of a warning: “The Emergency Button on Mom’s iGuardStove Has Been Pressed!”  A subscription is required for this service

This feature is designed for multi-family complexes and care facilities. It’s also great for care workers who want to check in on all of their patients right from their desk in one easy to use platform.

Notifications that the Emergency button was pressed are sent directly to your smart phone so you can quickly respond.

This monitor can send an alert to a neighbor or building manager if the room temperature gets outside the selectable limits. Example: if the home owners are away and their furnace quits during the winter a text alert can be sent to themselves, a neighbour or their Heating/Cooling contractor.

This allows for your iGuardStove to stay current for many years by receiving the latest operating system updates to include new features.  This works much the way your smart phone receives updates from your cell phone company.

The iGuardStove Gas model can detect unburned gas and automatically shut off the gas valve to the stove. It can also send you a text message alerting to the detection.