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The Ultimate Stove Safety Device

Stove Fire Prevention Features

The iGuardStoveĀ IntelligentĀ is an Internet connected device to help prevent a stove fire. Ā When it is not connected to the Internet it will be limited to the stove fire safety features only which are described here.

The motion sensing technology watches for motion in the kitchen and when the cooking has been forgottenĀ and there is no motion the iGuardStove will give the user 5 minutes to return to the kitchen or it will simply turn off the stove. Ā This is very handy to have in the home for many reasons but the main one is life simple distractions. Ā The best stove guard for seniors that you can buy!

Prevent a kitchen fire today with iGuardStove. Ā The best inĀ Automatic Stove Shut Off technology.

Basic Features

Auto Shut Off Timer - The motion sensor looks for motion and if itĀ determines that you have forgotten your cookingĀ it will give you 5 minutes to return to the kitchen or itĀ will simply shut the stove off. Ā Once it sees that you have returned to the kitchen it will automatically turn the stove back on to resume your cooking.

Manual Timer – The Manual Timer can over-ride the auto shut off feature and can be used whenĀ longer cooking times are required to cook a roast or simmer soup.

Emergency Button – Pressing thisĀ button will quickly shut off the stove and oven entirely.

Gas Leak Detector (Gas models only) - IfĀ unburned gas is detected from a leak or other source the iGuardStove will shut off its gas valve and record the alert onscreen.

Caregiver LockĀ – This lock gives a Caregiver or loved one complete control in disabling the stove whenever they want. It is a hidden button and can be turned on or off in seconds.

Additional Features When Connected to the Internet

The Intelligent model hasĀ additional features to add moreĀ safety which make the device fully customizable for almost any home situation.

Late Night Lock - This lock can disable the stove during certain times of the day or night and on days of the week of your choosing. This will not allowĀ unauthorized useĀ too the stove during these times.

Caregiver Lock - This lock gives a Caregiver or loved one complete control in disabling the stove whenever they want. Ā It is a hidden button and can be turned on or off in seconds.

Child LockĀ – With this feature enabled the stove will not activate whenĀ the stove knob isĀ turned. Ā A confirmation button will need to be pressed on the Control Panel to actually turn the stove on.Ā 

Connect your Nest Protect Smoke Detector - ThisĀ give you the ability to have your NestĀ Protect smoke detector tell the iGuardStove to automatically shut off the stove the moment smoke is detected. - Coming soon

Ambient Temperature Alerts - High and Low temperature settings can alert users to dangerous temps from aĀ malfunctioning furnace or high temps from A/C units that have failed.

Gas Leak Alerts (Gas models only) - If unburned gas is detected and the iGuardStove shuts of its gas valve an alert will be recordedĀ on screen. Ā With the Intelligent model an additional text alert will be sent to people on your Contacts List chosen toĀ receive this type of alert.

SMS Text and Email Alerts - Alerts for various situations can be sent by either SMS Text or email.

Adjustable Audible Visual Alerts - Beeps and strobes can beĀ adjusted to different times to suit any household situation.

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