The iGuardStove gives you features such as;

NOTE: This Gas model requires the gas valve to be installed by a certified gas plumber. It works with most 1/2″ or 3/4″ gas lines. The Gas Hose Kit is included with your purchase. This kit makes it easier for the installer to complete the installtion.

Please check your stoves gas line configuration and sizing before ordering. 

Click Here for a handy chart to determine your hose size

Enjoy many great remote control and monitoring features such as;

  • Auto Shut Off Timer
  • Manual Timer
  • Adjustable Audio and Visual reminders
  • Recent History
  • Activity Monitors
  • Caregiver Lock
  • Late Night Lock
  • Child Safe
  • Remote Lock
  • Emergency button
  • Firmware updates
  • 1 year warranty

The Insights Alert Messages Subscription allows you to receive text/email alerts to your smart device or computer for $1.99 per month, billed yearly.

The first year 90 days is free .

Text Alerts & Email Notifications include:

  • Turn On – Lets you know the moment someone has turned the stove on.
  • Auto Shut Off – Alerts you to the fact that the stove has been forgotten and had to be shut off automatically by the iGuardStove.
  • First Motion of the Day Detected – Lets you know when someone is mobile and has arrived into the kitchen to start their day.
  • No Motion Detected – Lets you know that no one has shown up in the kitchen to start their day and may be I’ll or immobile.
  • Gas Alerts – This alerts you that the iGuard has detected unburned gas possible due to a leak in the gas system.
  • Emergency Button Pressed – Someone may be in distress and has pressed the Emergency button to shut off the stove.
  • Room Temperature Alerts – Either of the high/low temperature extremes has been reached.
  • Loss of Communication – The server can no longer see the device to send out Alerts.  Attention is required.