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We at iGuardFire are all about keeping people safe and independent in their homes.  Our main priority has always been the prevention of stove fires caused by unattended cooking.  Our product has been helping families all over North America gain the peace of mind that their loved ones will not damage their homes or worse yet get injured by a fire while living on their own.

When our customers call us we hear many stories about how their fires started and the many pots that were destroyed but we also listen to their other frustrations.  Beside the fire safety component our customers have told us many other horrific stories.  The one that we heard the most was how their loved one had fallen and couldn’t get up and laid there for hours or even days before someone discovered them.

After hearing this, it got our creative juices flowing and we started to think about ways that we could help eliminate that concern.  We started to think outside the box and realized that our customers actually had a motion sensor in their kitchen and that gave us an idea.  Outside of the stove shut off ability we thought to just focus on the motion aspect.  So, we then coupled the motion sensor to our already existing data recording feature and our alerting system and bingo.  We had a plan.

All those ideas melding into one great idea and we are proud to announce now that we have just released our software update for a feature we call the Activity Monitor.

This monitor has two aspects.  The Daytime part and the Nighttime part.  The Daytime tracking works like this.  The family sets a Wake Time for when they want the sensor to start looking for motion.  This time should be roughly when their loved one starts their day.  They then select Grace Period where the system will wait to see motion during before reacting.  This Grace Period is typically set to 3 hours.  So, if the Wake Time is at 7am and the Grace Period is 3 hours, if no motion is detected by 10am then our system will send out alerts to the family telling them there has been no one walking through the sensor field of view.  Problem solved.

This could suggest that no one has walked into the heart of the home for a glass of water, to the fridge or to start a pot of coffee.  This also suggests that they might want to check in on their loved one to make sure everything is ok.  If the system sees motion it simple pushes the Grace Period further out to repeat the process for the remainder of the day.  This continues out until the system stops for the night.  The time that it stops at is the Sleep Time setting so you don’t get an alert 3 hours after they go to bed.

The second part is the Nighttime feature.  This doesn’t have an alert aspect to it but it simply tracks motion in the kitchen all night long.  This feature helps families determine if there are sleep issues with their loved ones.  When we were beta testing the software with one of our customers we had a ground-breaking event.  Our customer had taken the tracking of the stove data very serious because she wanted to know exactly what was happening with her mother.  The next morning after using the Activity Monitor for only one night she called to tell us how much she loved us.  She said that for months her family, along with her mom’s neurologist, had suspected that her mom wasn’t sleeping because she was always so tired during the day but they had no way to confirm this.  She told us to check the one night’s events on her account and what we saw was amazing.  It recorded 8 different events spread out all through the night that told her that her mom was in fact wandering through the kitchen and not sleeping.   Armed with that information she ran off to the neurologist where they came up with a plan to solve the problem.  Her and the family were elated.  She said there was no other way to find that information and her iGuardStove saved the day, and her mom.

That is our Activity Monitor and we our very proud of it.  We now offer a more complete Home Safety and Health system of incredible value that helps families keep their loved ones safe at home where they can retain their dignity and confidence that they deserve. It’s a simple free software upgrade to all our existing customers and will soon be available as a standard in all our devices.  We love adding value to our products and we enjoy hearing the great stories of how our iGuardStove was able to help families and we look forward to hearing your story and having you become part of our iGuardStove family.


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