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Welcome back. I almost forgot to point out how the Internet can save you money as well. This is very simple math. Everyone knows that care facilities can be very expensive and not to mention if you can even find one with room for you. But the average facility can be over $2500 per month. The cost to have someone some to your home to check in on you can be even more costly. So imagine if you bought these different Internet devices that help you stay at home. In many cases this is a one time expense and some come with a small monthly fee for monitoring but regardless it is nowhere near the cost that care facilities can be. And when you want to save your money and make a wise investment into your future these devices can allow you to stay at home instead of shelling out $2500 or more every month for a care home that you don’t want to live in in the first place.

Just to help you do the math if these devices can help you stay at home for 12 months longer that’s a whopping figure of over $30,000 that you can save. That is something that will open your eyes as to the value of the Internet utility can bring to your life. Not to mention the video calls to the grand kids!

One of the newest devices on the market to keep you safe and independent at home is the iGuardStove. This is a great product that easily connects to your existing kitchen stove and automatically shuts the stove off when it determines that you have been distracted and have forgotten your cooking. This handy device also knows when you have returned to the kitchen and it will automatically turn the stove back on for you with out having to push any buttons.

Everyone gets distracted these days and we all have a stove story to tell. I’m sure you can imaging the feeling in your stomach when are 4 blocks from home on the way to meet a friend who just called you and you realize that you had forgotten to turn the stove off when you put your tea on. That is a scary feeling and no one wants that. Now you can safely say to yourself that it’s ok to continue your trek to visit your friend because you know the iGuardStove will have stepped in to save the day.

And this device also connects to the Internet to provide other great features that allow you to stay at home longer. It has a button on the front that you can push and it can alert a neighbour or family member that you need immediate help. They can quickly pop over to check on you so see how they can be of assistance. It can also do a lot of other handy things like locking out the stove during certain hours of the day or night to prevent someone from using the stove when they shouldn’t be. And speaking of grand kids it also has a Child Safe feature that only allows an adult to turn on the stove even though the little one may have turn on the stove knobs a run away giggling.

The iGuardStove also has the ability using the internet loved ones can check in on your stove usage from another city or country even to ensure that you are using the stove and eating properly. This might not sound useful at first but think about it from your children’s point of view. You want to stay independent at home and this device will allow you to do that but it also gives your children peace of mind know that you are safe as well.

And isn’t it all about keeping families together?

We heard from a customer who said that the iGuardStove has saved their family. Their mother was living downstairs in a nanny suite and it became apparent that mom was forgetting and leaving the stove more and more often. It became so dangerous that the son felt they had to step in. They could not risk their children’s lives and home from grandma leaving the stove on and potentially burning down the family home.

They told grandma that she had to move out unless they installed the device and she quickly agreed. The device got installed in minutes and everyone is now happy. The family dynamics of keeping everyone together was not disrupted and now everyone can sleep peacefully at night knowing they are safe.

And it all about being safe and independent in your home and the Internet can help you achieve that without you having to worry about having to understand or even know how the internet works. And you don’t have to worry about having to get a computer. Embrace the Internet and the many ways that it can help change your life. It’s no longer a scary monster if it helps you. It’s no longer the mysterious beast if it saves your life. The Internet is keeping the world connected and is also keeping you safe and independent at home

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