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The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

Protect Your Loved Ones From Kitchen Fires Before They Start!

The Ultimate Stove Safety Device For Your Family!

Don’t let your loved ones become a statistic.  Get peace of mind and get an iGuardStove to protect them by preventing stove fires!!

To Date iGuardStoves Have Prevented Potential Fires!

  • Automatically shuts off the stove after 5 minutes of no one being in the kitchen

  • Manual Timer for longer periods of uninterrupted while unattended cooking for roasts or stews

  • Convenient locks disable the stove from unauthorized use (Night Lock, Caregiver Lock, Child Lock)

  • Remotely monitor activity, change settings or disable the stove using your Smart devices

  • Text alerts can warn of situations that might need immediate attention

  • Daytime Activity Monitor warns if NO motion has been detected in the kitchen for 3 hours

  • Nighttime Activity Monitor records any late-night motion in the kitchen to expose sleep disorders

  • Track memory changes over time using the recorded “Automatic Shut Offs” of the stove

  • Handy daily calendar shows if and when the stove is being used to show changes in eating habits

  • Receive aGood Morning” text the moment your loved one enters the kitchen for the first time each day


A Blanket Of Protection!

My Home Care Features!

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Insights Graphs & Reporting

The iGuard solution called Insights provides you with a valuable collection of information from the kitchen, related to your loved one, that can identify both immediate issues as well as situations that are developing over time.

The Insights collection of easy to read graphs and reports sends you instant insight via text and/or email and can help you better understand the challenges of looking after your loved ones while juggling the balance between their privacy and independence.


The Daily Events display can show you how and when the stove is being used as well as showing you movement in the kitchen. The bottom event on this report named “First Activity Seen During the Day” also arrives on your smart device letting you know that someone is up and mobile and has entered the kitchen.

This Calendar display shows you a whole month of activities at a glance. You can then click on a particular day to get more information on events. Clicking on a day will expand the view to display that days events in full.

In this example, the Memory report highlights that over the last 12 months there has been an increase in the number of times the iGuard has had to step in and automatically shut off the stove. This could be an indication that your loved one’s memory is deteriorating.

This example of a Sleep report shows that over the last 3 months there has been an increase in the number of times the iGuard’s motion sensor has seen someone walk through the kitchen late at night. This could be an indication that your loved one’s sleeping habits have changed and it could be an indication of a possible sleep disorder.

Insights Alert Messaging

The Insights Alert Message Subscription will send you the following alerts directly to your Smart device:

  • Turn On – Lets you know the moment someone has turned the stove on

  • Auto Shut Off – Alerts you that the stove has been forgotten and had to be shut off automatically. 

  • Good Morning Message – Lets you know when someone is mobile and has arrived into the kitchen to start their day.

  • No Motion Detected – Lets you know that no one has shown up in the kitchen to start their day and may be immobile.

  • Unburned Gas Alert – Alerts you to a dangerous build-up of unburned gas.

  • Emergency Button Pressed – Someone may be in distress and has pressed the Emergency button to shut off the stove.

  • Room Temperature Alerts – Either of the high/low temperature extremes has been reached.

  • Loss of Communication – The server can no longer see the device to send out Alerts.  Attention is required.

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The iGuardStove is a must for anyone who wants the peace of mind knowing their family is safe.

Customer Testimony – “For the price of 2 days in a nursing home this product is a bargain! WE love our iGuardStove and I really don’t think that my mother could live at home without it.  It is the number one most important piece of equipment that we use to keep Mom at home.  Outstanding product!”

John K. – Wisconsin

Who uses an iGuardStove?

  • Adults Aging in Place

  • Families Touched by Alzheimer’s or Dementia

  • People Suffering from Brain Injuries

  • Families Dealing with Autism

  • Physically Disabled – Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Families with Children Learning to Cook

  • Independent Living & Retirement Communities

  • Owners of Rental Properties

  • Occupational Therapists and Neurologists

  • Anyone with a Stove

How Does the iGuardStove Work?

Certified – Reliable – Trusted

Simple To Operate

The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for a full 5 minutes. However, every time it sees you move within those 5 minutes it will continuously reset the countdown timer BACK to the full 5 minutes over and over again which ultimately rewards you with continuous cooking.  It’s only when you are gone for the full 5 minutes that the iGuardStove will step-in and shut off the stove.

No more burnt food or melted pots or pans. In minutes you can add many valuable safety features that are NOT available on stoves at all. The iGuardStove is Rated #1 in stove fire prevention! 

The iGuardStove Has Two Timer Modes for Simplicity

  • Auto Timer:  In this default mode the Countdown Timer and Motion Sensor will be active and will automatically shut off the stove after 5-minutes of inactivity.  The Electric Stove Model can even turn the stove back on automatically when it sees you have returned to the cooking area.

  • Manual Timer: This mode disables the Motion Sensor from resetting the timer and lets you set a period of time that the stove will operate for, uninterrupted while unattended.  Basically, this allows the stove to operate as it normally would to cook roasts or simmer stews.

The iGuardStove Works With Two Stove Fuel Types

Electric Stoves: The iGuardStove is always on so there are no buttons to press. Simply turn on your stove as you normally would to start cooking.  As long as it senses that you are in the kitchen, being attentive to your cooking, it allows the stove to continue cooking.  But if it doesn’t sense any motion for a full 5 minutes it simply shuts off the stove.  Once it sees that you have returned to the kitchen, it beeps a few times to catch your attention, and then it automatically turns the stove back on to resume your cooking with no buttons to press. It’s just that easy.  It’s the best in electric stove safety  Watch a Video.

Gas Stoves: To start cooking press the “Start” button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve and allows you to light your stove.  As long as it senses that you are in the kitchen, being attentive to your cooking, it allows the stove to continue cooking.  But if it doesn’t sense any motion for a full 5 minutes it simply shuts off the stove.  To resume cooking again simply press the “Resume” button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve allowing you to relight the stove. This simple stove safety device will prevent a kitchen fire. It’s the best gas stove safety device you can buy. Watch a Video.

The iGuardStove is So Much More…

The iGuardStove gives you fantastic stove fire prevention but when connected to the Internet it offers additional amazing Safety and Home Care features.  These patented features are ONLY available on the iGuardStove and are designed for kitchen fire safety situations that require higher levels of protection and monitoring. It’s great for apartments, homes, Adult Living communities and more and it’s also an Autism safe stove product.

As you know the iGuardStove provides the best in stove fire prevention but it’s is so much more than just a fire prevention product.  It transforms the basic apartment or home environment into an information gathering tool that can truly help families and building owners keep people safe.   

The sensors provide valuable information from the home, which is typically very difficult to get, and it provides it in an easy to use format.  It’s redefining what a senior’s home truly is.

It can provide information that can;

  • Uncover changes in eating habits,
  • Expose sleeping disorders,
  • Alert you to mobility issues like falls,
  • Reveal memory deterioration and the possible onset of Dementia,
  • Plus, much much more. 

Don’t fear the Internet: When the iGuardStove is connected to the Internet the user of the stove doesn’t see any difference in the way they need to interact with the device.  Your loved ones don’t need a computer or even have to understand the Internet.  The Internet is only for the benefit of family members and care workers allowing them the ability to remote monitor, adjust settings and to receive alerts. 

If you choose to not connect your iGuardStove to the homes W-Fi it will still provide you the best in stove fire protection just without the additional My Home Care features that require the Internet.

The Internet is a powerful tool for families that wish to keep their loved ones safe and independent at home and the Internet makes the iGuardStove really shine! It provides Peace of Mind to families around the world knowing they are keeping their loved ones safe!!

The iGuardStove is the finest Stove and Home Safety Device you can buy!

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The iGuardStove Features And What They Will Do For You




Patented Advanced Motion Sensor

5 Minute Auto Shut Off Timer 

Manual Timer

Audible and Visual  Reminders

Wi-Fi Enabled

Remote Monitoring via Internet

Caregiver Lock

Late Night Lock 

Child Lock 

User History Reporting

Good Morning Message

Daytime Activity Alerts

Nighttime Activity Tracking 

Smart Phone Text Alerts & Email Notifications - Subscription Required

Access to multiple iGuardStoves

Emergency Personal Response

Room Temperature Monitor 

Firmware Updates

Gas Leak Detection



The secret behind the iGuardStove is the Patented Advanced Motion Sensor technology that senses movement in the cooking area and then reacts accordingly.

After you walk away from the cooking area this is the amount of time that will countdown before the stove will be automatically shut off. If you are being attentive to the cooking then the iGuard will reward you with continuous cooking.  It’s only when you are gone for the full 5 minutes that the timer will expire and shut off the stove.  

This feature will override the Auto Shut Off Timer so you can cook for longer times uninterrupted and unattended for things like a roast or simmering a soup.  One this timer expires it simply shuts off the stove.

The Audio and Visual Reminders will let you know just before the stove is about to be shut off so you can return to the kitchen thereby resetting the 5 minute countdown timer to continue cooking.

Easily connects your iGuardStove to your Smart Home system.

Using your online account you can have text and/or email alerts to be sent right to your smart devcie, check in to see the stove usgae as well as access the settings.

This allows a person to have the ability to lock the stove out using the iGuardStove in the kitchen.

This is our most popular feature.  It allows you to disable the stove during certain times to prevent someone from trying to cook at 3am while others are asleep in the home. 

This adds a second level of protection. If the stove knob is turned on the stove will not energize until a confirmation button is pressed confirming that you do in fact want the stove to turn on.

This tracks how often the iGuardStove has to shut off the stove because the cooking has been forgotten. These events are stored on a Calendar so family and care workers can evaluate memory changes over time.  The information you get may help expose changes in eating habits.  Ie: If the stove hasn't been used in 5 days it may be a sign of a potential problem affecting their appetite.

This is a peace of mind text that arrives on your device first thing in the morning when it sees that your loved one is up and mobile to start their day.

This will alert you if there has not been any activity in the kitchen for a period of time. Someone may have fallen and this is a great way to warn you that something is out of the ordinary.

The motion sensor in the iGuardStove will record activity during late night hours so you can monitor if your loved one is having trouble sleeping. 

Notifications of warnings are sent directly to your smart phone so you can quickly respond. Example of a warning: “The Emergency Button on Mom’s iGuardStove Has Been Pressed!”

This feature is great for care workers who want to check in on all of their patients right from their desk in one easy to use platform.

Notifications that the Emergency button was pressed are sent directly to your smart phone so you can quickly respond. 

This monitor can send an alert to a neighbor or building manager if the room temperature gets outside the selectable limits. An example is if the home owners are away and their furnace quits during the winter.

This allows for your iGuardStove to stay current for many years by receiving the latest operating system updates to include new features.  This works much the way your smart phone receives updates from your cell phone company.

The iGuardStove Gas model can detect unburned gas and automatically shut off the gas valve to the stove. It can also send you a text message alerting to the detection.

Your text



“… in our research, the iGuardStove was the BEST Smart Stove Shutoff system we could find.”

New York Times – Wirecutter Article June 25, 2020

CNET’s Ashlee Clark Thompson rates the iGuardStove as “Very Good”.

The iGuardStove gets an “8/10 for Usability” and a “9/10 for Performance.”

I searched for 2 years for a product like this and bought it as soon as I saw it. If I was to put a dollar figure on the actual savings of retirement home fees at this point I would say the iGuardStove has saved us nearly $70,000.  The iGuardStove is an excellent investment and the best stove fire prevention device I could find.

Jim B. - Newfoundland

I installed the iGuardStove Gas about a year ago, and it is one of the best investments I ever made. It has saved me more than once this past year from having a kitchen fire.

Tom K. - Maryland

Our iGuardStove arrived Monday morning it is now installed.  It has made an 83 year old lady with early stage dementia happy that she could use her stove again.  iGuardFire seems like a great outfit to deal with and it’s been a very satisfying experience.

Bryan M. - British Columbia

The device has been exceedingly helpful for monitoring my mother’s safety, particularly when the motion sensor was activated for DayTime Monitoring to complement the Stove Usage Reports and stove disabling when unattended. Your assistance throughout the process was professional and helpful and I want to extend a personal thank you to you for your work.  The information that the iGuardStove provided was supportive of safety and quality of life for elderly family living independently for as long as possible. 

Linda R.

Comments - Tell Us What You Think Of the iGuardStove


  1. I bought an iGuardStove to protect my mother after one day she forgot to turn the stove off and our kitchen was almost burned. The Product is perfect and it completely satisfied our needs for approximately 1 year right now. I was so impressed that I told all my friends who has old parents or young children about this product.

  2. I decided to buy a iGuardStove after my 86-year mother burnt the eggs she was boiling because I needed to be able to monitor the stove remotely.

    We had a FireAlert20 Stove and Range Circuit Interrupter connected to the stove but I wanted a system that turned off the stove before the smoke from the burning food triggered the kitchen fire alarm and the iGuardStove delivers. I really like the ability to set the time away from the stove and have the stove go off once there is no movement in the kitchen after the countdown ends – I see that benefit for my 86-year old mother but also for my teenager who also “forgets” when he has food cooking once he is playing his games! I also like the remote ability to lock down the stove and that I get a text message the first time my mother enters the kitchen every day.

    One more difference between the FireAlert20 and the iGuardStove that I appreciate is that the FireAvert20 cuts out the power to the stove and has to be reset by the breaker every time the fire alarm goes off, regardless of if the smoke was in a different part of the house and NOT in the kitchen, I do NOT have to reset the iGuardStove every time the fire alarm goes off. The iGuardStove works seamlessly with my mothers cookie habits.

    Hands down, the iGuardStove is the best money I have spent

  3. The iGuard Stove has saved our life. My husband has memory issues and was having problems turning off the stove. Now I know we are safe and I can sleep at night. The company always takes my call and helps me with any changes I need to make. We did not find any other system that would protect us. I would recommend it for anyone, but especially for people with memory issues.

  4. Update to previous comments left on September 22nd 2019:
    We continue to be pleased beyond our expectations with my mother-in-law’s iGuardstove unit. It has been operating in her condo for over a year now, and the peace of mind it brings is immeasurable. We cannot stress enough how incredible this company is. Recently, my mother-in-law’s internet provider was experiencing issues, and we weren’t receiving texts regarding the activity of the stove as a result. Not knowing the internet was the cause of the issue, I called iGuardstove on a Sunday afternoon, and left a message hoping they would get back to me during the work week and help me troubleshoot the problem. Within a half an hour of leaving the message, Bill, the owner of the company, called me back, listened to my description of what was going on, gave me some suggestions as to what we could do, and urged us to contact my mother-in-law’s internet provider as well. Sure enough, the internet had to be reset by the provider, and as soon as that was done, we instantly were back on track receiving texts and notifications. The safety feature of the stove was never impacted, just the text notifications that function through the wifi, which was a real comfort. Bill phoned us again the next day to make sure all was well, as he saw that the unit was back on line. This type of service shows how much this company cares for its customers. I recommend this product to anyone I speak to. It has been a total game changer with our family. After two incidents of a forgotten pot on the stove, we were in a horrible state of worry that my mother-in-law may have to sacrifice living independently, even though she did not seem to be at that point in any other way. Thankfully, we found this company on line, and it has been an absolute blessing. We had a conference call with Bill and the whole family initially, before buying, and he answered all of our questions with sincerity and care. Honestly, I could write a ten page article on the amazing way this product filled a desperate need in our family. Thank you, Bill and iGuardstove.

  5. Thank you again for your wonderful support and for your brilliant invention. I believe it has saved my mother-in-law’s life and property many times over and my wife and I are grateful to you and your colleagues for the work you do.

  6. We’ve had your IGuardStove device installed in my mother-in-law’s home for over a year now. I want you to know it’s been one of the best purchases we’ve made in giving us peace of mind about her safety. It’s easy to use, has worked without a hitch, and your new first activity alert is a great addition!

    You were so helpful when I first learned about your device and had so many questions. I even remember you telling me how your own cooking improved while testing your prototypes. 🙂

    Anyway, with all the stressors going on around us these days, I just want you to know how grateful we are to you and your company for creating such a wonderful safety device! Wishing you all the best!!! Thank you and stay well!

  7. Update: We installed one of your gas iGuardStove Monitoring unit nearly 2 years ago. At the time, our father-in-law insisted on living alone and with an ALS like condition his ability to remain upright required that he hold onto the kitchen counters to navigate around the room. On a number of occasions he inadvertently bumped the knobs and turned on the gas without igniting a flame, filling the kitchen with gas that wasn’t discovered until someone else entered the house to do a wellness visit.

    Since installation the IGuardStove has sensed unburned gas on 3 separate occasions, caused by his bumping of the knobs, and it immediately shut off the gas. More importantly, using the text function, the unit sent us an alert enabling us to call him and have him turn the knobs off. One one occasion he did not answer, we got hold of a neighbour who found him asleep in an adjacent room. Fine, but we had no idea. Additionally, we’ve set the 1st Activity of the Day and No Activity text functions with parameters that let us know when he’s up and about, enabling us to call him without waking him, or when there is no activity for several hours permitting us to call a neighbour to do a house check.

    More recently, he’s relocated to live with our sister-in-law and the motion function now informs us when someone enters the kitchen unannounced or when the housekeeper arrives.

    The iGuardStove has been a blessing! When added to a few other simple devices it’s enabled us to remain in touch and more importantly, informed of his and his home’s well being.

    Best regards, Dean

  8. My wife and I are extremely grateful to you for building the iGuardStove system. We installed it on my mother-in-law’s stove and we consider it to be the best money we ever spent.

  9. I just wanted to let you know our iGuardStove prevented a serious fire in our house yesterday. While I was running an errand, my mother decided to cook some bacon and then go do something else. Needless to say there was no grease fire, just some burnt bacon. Thank you for your great product and for it saving MY home.

  10. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for this product, and the wonderful service that we have received from this company. Firstly, I ordered the wrong unit, and the company graciously corrected my mistake at no extra cost, and without hesitation. Customer service like this is rare these days, and it is just wonderful to experience. The unit has been exactly what we wanted and more. We installed it easily in my mother-in-law’s residence, and we connected it to her wifi so that we get a history of events with her stove. Myself, my husband and my sister-in-law all get regular text messages and emails to let us know what is happening with my mother-in-law’s stove. Beyond the fire protection, we are alerted if there is no activity in the residence for a certain amount of time, and also if there is unusual activity, such as the stove being turned on in the middle of the night. This helps us to support my mother-in-law to be independent, and gives us much peace of mind, knowing that it is almost like another set of eyes watching out for her. This unit has been just a lifesaver for us, and we could not be more grateful. It is exactly what we wanted and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    My sister and I got it all hooked up, tested, downloaded the app on our phones, and even mom is THRILLED!!!
    After countless burned suppers, ruined pots and pans, a couple of scary fires, and having to unplug the stove every time we went somewhere and left mom at home, finally, FREEDOM IS HERE!!!
    And that is freedom for ALL of us, mom included. She has to do NOTHING. She just uses the stove as normal, only now, when she puts cookies in the oven, falls asleep in her chair and doesn’t hear the timer, we don’t have to buy new cookie sheets!
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I am telling everyone I know about this product!!!
    Sis and I are off for a bike ride now! No having to unplug the stove first!!!

  12. I was working with a young woman that has a seizure disorder. She bakes for her local fire and police departments regularly as a show of gratitude for all they do. She had a seizure while taking cookies out of the oven and fell onto the door of the oven and then partially onto the floor. The stove shut down as it was designed to and we are all grateful as it saved her life as well as the many others in the apartment complex by potentially preventing a fire.
    Thanks iGuard!

  13. Review from This Caring Home: If I could rate any product a 5 out of 5, then it would definitely be the iGuardStove device. The fact that it offers a timer and notifications is a deal breaker for most people and the iGuardStove has that and a whole lot more. And the auto shut off functionality makes it an all-around great device for the home.

  14. Our family absolutely loves the iGuardStove. I purchased the unit for my parent’s house who are in their 80’s. My mom has dementia and forgets to turn off the stove. She burned some pots pretty badly which is why I purchased the iGuardStove. It has given us peace of mind knowing the unit will turn the stove off. Me and my sister get the texts and we love it. We like to know whenever they turn the stove on because then we know they’re in the kitchen and that’s when we call them since we know they’re awake and close to the phone (they keep the phone in the kitchen).

  15. I so do appreciate your detailed answers to my simple and yet complicated questions….I can see that you care about the people who buy your product and that really means a lot to me ….making your device an addition to my dads home that gives comfort and a sense of security that we lose when our mature parents start having issues that they don’t realize they have. All around the best investment in safety and peace of mind of loved ones

  16. Peace of mind is priceless. When trying to keep an elderly relative in the home they love as safe as possible. A fraction of the cost of assisted living facility. Plumber had no problem with the installation and was very impressed with the device. Easy to setup wireless and settings are easy to understand and change, Caretaker assistant found it easy to learn how to use. A perfect solution for our family.

  17. I TOTALLY love my iGuardStove.

  18. Thanks for all your updates to the software. You have a remarkable product and I’m so thankful that I found it. My relative was able to live for about 2 more years on their own with the iGuardStove. This made all the difference.

  19. I had the iGuardStove Intelligent model installed on my mother’s gas stove last year because of her Alzheimer’s. The protection that this device provides has allowed my mother to continue her greatest love … which is cooking for her children and grandchildren! The iGuardStove turns the stove off automatically if my mother leaves the kitchen for more than 5 minutes (which she often does because she is so used to multitasking … having raised 7 children). She has gotten used to having to remain in the kitchen to cook. This device has brought so much joy to my mother! We can honestly say that her quality of life has improved because of it! We also appreciate the feature of Night Lock, which prevents her from using the stove after hours (during bedtime). And we love the new feature called “Activity Monitor,” which allows us to monitor my mother’s activity in the kitchen through the built-in motion detector — this way, we can check if she is getting up during the night and wandering into the kitchen. By the way, I called Bill Ferguson on his cell phone because of a minor connection issue, and he cleared it up right away. Customer support is amazing!

  20. I am informing you that we will no longer be using the iGuardStove device as my mother has now been relocated to a care home. The device has been exceedingly helpful for monitoring my mother’s safety, particularly when the motion sensor was activated for Daytime monitoring to complement the stove usage reports and stove disabling when unattended. Your assistance throughout the process was professional and helpful and I want to extend a personal thank you to you for your work. The information provided from the iGuard technology was supportive of safety and quality of life for elderly family living independently for as long as possible and helpful for my informed family care giving responsibilities even as I lived a distance from my mother.

  21. I live in a busy house with 3 children (all of them are learning to use the stove) and there have been instances when they leave the cooking area unattended, greatly increasing the risk of smoke damage or a fire. IGuardStove is extra peace of mind knowing a disaster can be avoided before it starts .

  22. I bought this product for my elderly mother about 14 months ago. The install, setup and sync, with the Wi-Fi was fairly easy for me, and I’m a novice with anything electrical or computer related. My mother has moderate Alzheimer’s. 15 months ago she left the stove on and melted the bottom off an aluminum clad stainless steel pot. I can’t say enough about how well this product performs for my circumstance. If she forgets the stove is on, it shuts off automatically, and I see the User History. I also know that she is eating by checking the User History on my laptop. This is an invaluable tool to keep your parents from a nursing home. For the price of 2 days in a nursing home this product is a bargain! WE love our iGuardStove and I really don’t think that my mother could live at home without it. It is the number one most important piece of equipment to keep Mom at home. Outstanding product!

  23. I installed the iGuardStove Gas about a year ago, and it is one of the best investments I ever made. It has saved me more than once this past year from having a kitchen fire. My wife of 55 yrs. is an invalid and I do all the cooking and between that and working on my computer I can easily lose track of time and because of this I have experienced some exciting times putting out grease fires in the kitchen. Luckily, I was able to extinguish the fires before any real damage was done. The real culprit of a grease fire in a frying pan is the smoke that fills the house causing breathing problems for My Wife and I. I would suggest that anyone who has a similar situation such as myself, invest in an iGuardStove Gas as it is a solid instrument that could easily save your life or that of others in your home. The peace of mind is another benefit that you can’t put a price on. Thank you IGuardFire.

  24. Our iGuardStove arrived Monday morning it is now installed.  It has made an 83 year old lady with early stage dementia happy that she could use her stove again.  iGuardFire seems like a great outfit to deal with and it’s been a very satisfying experience.

  25. Your Guard stove device was installed in my mother’s home last May. My mother lives alone in her own home and has developed short-term memory problems. What a great relief it is to know that my mother is no longer at risk of forgetting that her stove or oven is on and causing a fire. Your device is enabling my mother to continue to live safely in her own home, and has brought me great peace of mind.
    I am hoping that other families will hear about your device, and am fine if you want to share my enthusiastic commendation.

  26. Last week our stove was malfunctioning and in need of repair. As part of the repair protocol we were instructed to remove any devices attached to the stove until the stove repair was complete. My husband removed the iGuardStove as instructed and we patiently waited for the impending schedule repair date. Over the next several days we came to the realization of how comforting it was to know the iGuardStove was in place protecting our family. Three days after removing the iGuardStove I insisted my husband reconnect the device and reinstate the peace of mind we became so accustomed to. With three young cooks In the house, aged 10, 12 and 14, we never realized how important the iGuardStove was too our safety until it was no longer there. This stove has since been repaired and life is back to normal. Thank you iGuardStove for protecting my family and providing us with the peace of mind knowing life’s little cooking steaks Will not lead to disaster. (Note: the repair was the result of a faulty connection within stove unrelated to the iGuardStove.)

  27. I searched for two years for a product like this and I bought it as soon as I saw it. It has been 18 months since I installed the iGuardStove. I used the data that it collected to determine my mothers eating habits and to determine if she was eating a hot meal on a regular basis and it also allowed me to chart a progression of her dementia. With the iGuardStove installed I gave me peace of mind that she was safe. The usage calendar had shown me that the stove had been activated up to six times a day. Each time I received the notification text that the stove had been shut off automatically, I called her to see if everything was ok. Stove safety has slowly entered memory muscle and is now the iGuardStove only shuts the stove off maybe once or twice a week with the same regular Stove usage.
    It has allowed her to maintain her independence and live in her own home. If I was to put a dollar value on the actual savings to this point I would say in Retirement home fees alone it is near $70,000. It was a great investment.
    Peace of mind is Priceless

  28. Great product. I can sleep at nights knowing mom won’t forget to turn off the the burner or overcook her breakfast. We love the idea it reports back to us with a note if there is a problem or a pattern of forgetfulness! Thank you iGuard.

  29. My four grown children love the iGuardStove as it gives them peace of mind that we have protection from a kitchen fire. I think the iGuardStove is an amazing product and should be in every kitchen. I have not experienced another stove fire since it was installed over six months ago.


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