Here’s Why Every Home Needs an Auto Stove Shut-Off device to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires have life-altering effects, and unfortunately cause unthinkable damage every single day. In 2014 alone, approximately 494,000 fires were structure fires, which led to 3,275 civilian deaths, 15,775 civilian injuries, and $9.8 billion in property damage.
It’s impossible to completely prevent kitchen fires without some assistance, and thankfully, advances in technology have made it easier than ever for you to protect your home. The iGuardStove is an automatic stove shut-off device that detects when you’re no longer in the cooking area and automatically turns your stove off before disaster can strike.
While the iGuardStove is obviously ideal for families, consider the countless other people and situations that it can help. From retirement communities to vacation properties, in-law suites and rental homes, independent living and apartment condos as well as those with impaired brain function, there is no home that won’t benefit benefit from this exciting new technology that can easily prevent kitchen fires.

Families. While kids are typically the most guilty of leaving things on the stove, parents also have to admit that they too have some bad habits or distractions while in the kitchen. Nearly half (45%) of consumers say they have left the room to watch television or listen to music. If that’s something you’re guilty of, you need the iGuardStove to prevent stove fires when you least expect them and avoid catastrophe.

People Living with Diseases and Injuries. There is nothing more frustrating than living with a disease or injury that impairs your thoughts. Tragically, involuntarily forgetfulness is another major cause of kitchen fires. Nearly one-third (29%) of consumers reported that they have intentionally disabled smoke alarms while cooking, but if someone suffers from a brain injury or disease, he or she may never remember to turn the smoke alarm back on. Luckily, the iGuardStove can be there should this ever happen, acting as a safety net and providing peace of mind. Attach to your stove guard your family…it’s that simple

Independent Living properties. If your property contains a stove, you can’t afford a lack of stove fire protection. Kitchen fires are particularly destructive in retirement homes and other places in which many people reside. The iGuardStove will prevent kitchen fires, saving you thousands (if not millions) of dollars in potential property damage. More importantly, the iGuardStove will save lives.
Along with the basic fire safety the iGuardStove has a lot of other health and safety related features that are just not available on stoves today. And since their retrofits to any existing stove it will turn your old outdated stove into a smart stove in minutes. The Intelligent models onboard software is upgradable over the internet which gives your iGuardStove a long and effective service life and gives you additional features when we add them.

It’s a small price to pay when it comes to the safety and well being of your family members.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t stand to benefit from this incredible technology, and you need to prevent a kitchen fire before it happens to you. Learn more about the iGuardStove and start protecting you, your family, and your residents from kitchen fires.

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