Over 30,000 Fires Prevented

The iGuardStove automatically shuts off the kitchen stove after 5 minutes of absence from the cooking.

To us at iGuardFire every time that the iGuardStove has to step in to Auto Shut Off the stove is a potential fire that was prevented.

As of Sept. 5, 2017, our system recorded just over 30,000 Auto Shut Offs by all the Intelligent iGuardStove devices connected to the server.  This doesn’t include the shut offs from our non-Internet devices which could push that number well over 50,000.

This information can’t be got from anywhere other than iGuardFire’s server.  We are the only people who track this information and it is extremely valuable.  Other information

This number could be debatable as to whether the cooking was caught right away all the way up to a full-blown home fire but the fact still remains that people are walking away from their cooking more than anyone could ever imagine.  When knowing that the leading cause of a home fire is unattended or forgotten cooking it’s nice to know the iGuardStove is standing guard to step in to save the day.  This is great Peace of Mind to know that your loved ones will be safe while being independent in their home.

The iGuardStove has been installed in homes, rental suites, community housing common kitchens, Adult Living communities, apartment buildings university dorms and even the kitchens of fire stations!

The iGuardStove is definitely making a difference in making the home a safer place for everyone.

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