prevent kitchen firesThe holiday season is in full swing, which means that your stove is probably churning out some delicious foods for your friends and family. In fact, more than 56% of surveyed consumers said they plan to cook for family or friends during the holidays this year, with 42% cooking for groups of 11 or more.

Unfortunately, unattended cooking also becomes more prevalent during the holidays, which can lead to tragic kitchen fires that destroys many homes. Thankfully, there is an innovative product called iGuardStove, that is an Auto Stove Shut Off device, that helps to prevent kitchen fires and keep your family safe.

Accidents happen, and knowing that your home and family are protected with an automatic stove shut off device will give you added peace of mind during the holidays and all throughout the year. These Automatic Stove Shut Off devices are easy-to-use and the homeowner is in complete control of when and how this type of stove guard product protects their home. Here are four key components to the iGuardStove that is helps prevent kitchen fires:

1. The Automatic Stove Shut Off feature
Every homeowner’s worst fear is leaving the kitchen for a while and realizing they forgot a boiling pot on the stove. Over 60% of kitchen fires start from unattended cooking, and Auto Stove Shut Off devices can help you avoid this harrowing fate.

2. The Motion Controlled Auto Shut Off Timer
Can be adjusted from anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes, meeting the unique needs of every homeowner. This is typically a set it and forget time.

3. The Manual Override Timer
This timer overrides the iGuardStove’s Auto Shut Off Timer in situations where you want longer cooking times and do not want to have to return to the kitchen every 5 minutes.

4. The Emergency Quick Shut Off button
This will allow for an immediate shutting off of the stove for what ever reason and is on the control panel to the side of the stove so you don’t have to reach over the element to shut off the stove. For the Internet connected models this also sends out a text message alert to loved ones so they can render assistance if necessary.

These devices quickly and easily connect to any existing gas or electric stove.

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