iGuardStove® saves lives and prevents bodily injury from kitchen fires to provide you with peace of mind.

• 86% of Seniors want to Age in Place in their current home – (AARP Survey)
• 47% of kitchen fires are caused by forgotten or unattended cooking*
* Cooking fires are the #1 cause of fire related injuries and #2 cause of fire deaths.*
• 2.5X (250%) higher injury or death from fires for the 60+ demographic *
* Adults >65 are at much higher risk of injury and death from a kitchen fire due to physical, visual, hearing, or mental impairments that slow the quick action necessary in a fire emergency.**

(*NFPA Fire Structure Report 2020; **American Burn Association, 2019)

iGuardStove® for electric stoves automatically shuts off the stove when someone is away for an extended period.

The iGuardStove is always on so there are no buttons to press!
Simply turn on your stove as you normally would to start cooking. The iGuardStove® will automatically shut off the stove when it senses that someone has wandered away and forgotten their cooking. As long as it senses that you are in the kitchen and being attentive, it allows the stove to continue cooking.  However, if it doesn’t sense any motion for a full five minutes it simply shuts off the stove until you return.

When activated the iGuardStove® does allow for extended cooking times for stews, soups , or slow cooking meats. Once that “one” time cooking event is completed, the iGuardStove® returns to its auto shut off mode to provide round-the-clock protection from forgotten kitchen fires.

Available in both 4 prong and 3 prong plug-in versions to fit all electric stoves and outlets.

Please check your stoves plug configuration before ordering.

iGuardStove® monitoring with privacy

With its wi-fi connectivity the iGuardStove® proximity sensor and Activity Monitoring features provide an unobtrusive and respectful way to know that your loved one is up and active or if there is an issue with their well-being via your mobile or smart devices on a 24/7 basis.

The iGuardStove® is the perfect  solution for providing you with peace of mind while keeping your busy family or loved ones dealing with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Autism safe from the threat of forgotten kitchen fires!