What Does the iGuardStove Do?

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The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for five minutes. No more burnt food or melted pots or pans. In minutes you can add many valuable safety features that are NOT available on stoves at all. Prevent a stove fire today with a stove guard!


Electric Stoves: This model is mostly hands free.  The iGuardStove is always on so there are no buttons to press. Simply turn your stove on as you normally would to start cooking.  After 5 minutes of not seeing any motion it shuts off the stove.  Once it sees that you have returned to the kitchen it automatically turns the stove back on to resume your cooking with no buttons to press. This will prevent a stove fire.

Gas Stoves: This model requires a bit more hands on operation. To start cooking the user must first press the "Start" button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve and allows you to light your stove. After 5 minutes of not seeing any motion it shuts off the stove.  To begin cooking again the user must press the "Resume" button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve allowing you to relight the stove. This will prevent a kitchen fire.



SMART: The iGuardStove Smart model is a simple device that has great features for stove fire prevention. It does not require to be connected to the Internet and its great for any home. PLUS your iGuardStove Smart is upgradable to an Intelligent model without having to buy a different stove guard. Just buy a software upgrade and you'll have the best product for kitchen range and stove fire safety. (The Smart is only available for electric stoves.)

INTELLIGENT: The iGuardStove Intelligent model has the same simple features as the Smart and can connect to the Internet giving you a lot of additional stove fire prevention safety and Home Care features.  These patented extra features, ONLY available on the iGuardStove, are designed for kitchen fire safety situations that require higher levels of protection and monitoring. It's great for homes as well as Adult Living communities. (There are Intelligent models for both gas or electric stoves.)

When the iGuardStove Intelligent is connected to the Internet the user of the stove doesn’t see any differences in the way they need to interact with the device.  The Internet is only for the benefit of family members and care workers allowing them the ability to remote monitor, adjust settings and to receive alerts. 

Don't let the Internet concern you.  Some people say that their parent doesn’t own a computer or even understand the Internet and it’s important to point out that much like other utilities, like electricity or water, the user doesn’t need to know how it works or require any special equipment as their only concern is that the lights come on when they flip the switch.  

The Internet is a powerful tool for families that wish to keep their loved ones safe and independent at home and it makes the iGuardStove the best at what it does. Being a stove guard and providing Peace of Mind to families around the world knowing they have prevented a stove fire!!

Your device is enabling my mother to continue to live safely in her own home, and has brought me great peace of mind.

Kathleen W. - Vancouver, BC

iGuardStove Owner