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iGuardStove Warranty Registration

Please fill out this warranty card within 60 days of purchase.Β Β This will ensure that we can help you as fast as possible if there is a problem with your product.Β Β We would also appreciate it if you fill out the optional survey on the back of the card to help us better understand and serve our customers more effectively.

We value your privacy.Β  The information you provide to the questions below will be anonymous and confidential, and are used to assist iGuardFire with the development and improvement of its products and services.Β Β 

iGuardStove Warranty Registration Form

1. I/We Bought An

2. The stove the device is connected to is

3. What Gender is the person you bought this for?

4. What age is the person using the device?

5. The reason the user needs the device

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