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A Peace of Mind Home Care Product


How does the iGuardStove work with an Electric Stove

The Auto Shut Off feature and Countdown Timer are the heart of the iGuardStove. The combination of motion sensor and countdown shut off timer work together to provide you “Peace of Mind” that your family and home are safe.

How does the iGuardStove work with a Gas Stove

The iGuardStove Gas is very unique.  Its the only gas stove protection device designed to be Preventative rather than Reactionary and when it comes to an already dangerous gas stove you can’t risk having anything but the finest protecting your family.


Manual Timer

We understand that there are times that you want to cook a roast and not have to worry about the stove shutting off.  Our Manual timer will do exactly that.  The iGuardStove has it all.

Remote Monitoring

The best part of the iGuardStove is the ability to remotely monitor what is happening with the stove from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Being able to interact with the device from anywhere that you are is such a valuable feature that you will soon realize that you can’t live without it.

Gas Alerts

The iGuardStove gas model has two gas sensors to pick up unburned gas.  You can even get a text alert while you are not at home telling you the sensor went off.

How is that for Peace of Mind?

Stove Locks

The iGuardStove has several different types of locks to give you complete control of the stove.  Together these locks can be customized to give you total control of how and when the stove is being used for maximum Peace of Mind.

User History Reports

The User History Reporting is the most unique feature of the iGuardStove and is extremely valuable for families who have been touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In many cases you just can’t get valuable information like this determine the level of care for your loved ones. The iGuardStove is here to help.

Smart Phone Notifications

The Text/Email alerts help keep an eye on things that are happening with the stove. When keeping an eye on your loved ones it nice to get these alerts to remind you during your own busy day.


Reminder Alerts

Its nice to know the stove will shut off automatically but if you have truly forgotten your cooking then its nice to have a kindly reminder. Its all about being helpful to the user.

Activity Monitor

The iGuardStove will also alert you to the fact that it hasn’t seen any motion in the first few hours of the morning. Maybe someone has fallen and is unable to reach out for help and with this information you can check in on them to see if everything is ok.

The Nighttime Activity tracking will simply make use of the motion sensor letting you know if someone is wandering through the kitchen late at night. You may be able to determine the changing her medication has caused insomnia in this type of information would be hard to determine without this kind of sensor

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