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Now do you have an Electric or a Gas Stove?

NOTE:  Stoves and ranges are designed for cooking and not for safety.  The iGuardStove quickly connects to any electric and gas stove adding many great stove safety controls in minutes.  Disable the stove late at night, prevent children from accidentally turning on the stove while playing with the knobs, one touch lock out to disable the stove while you run to the store, iGuardStove has it all.  You can check on your mom’s stove using the online account from anywhere you have Internet access. You can also receive text alerts letting you know that something has happened so you can quickly send assistance to check in on your loved ones.  It’s best to prevent a range fire before it starts.  When it comes to a stove lock this is the best product for you.

It’s tough to not live in the same city as your family and this is a great way to keep a loving and watchful eye on what is going on in the kitchen and WHEN. The online account even tells you the hours of the day when the stove is being used or SHOULDN’T be used. The usage history can also tell you that the stove is being used and that your loved one is getting a hot meal.  And therefore it can also tell you that the stove is NOT being used and you can direct care givers to start getting mom hot meals.

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