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Online Settings For Your iGuardStove 

Log-In Page

Sign In Page

To open a new online account click HERE and click the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.

If you have an online account you can use this page to Log In.

Check the “Remember Me” box your browser will pass by this page when arriving and just go directly to your online account.  Also Bookmark this page in your browser for even easier access to the Log In Page

If you forget your Password just click the Forget Password button and follow the instructions.



Home Page

Home Page

The Home Page is where all your stoves are listed.  If you have more than one the name are alphabetically or numerically sorted.  The icon on the left under the stove name shows the current status of the stove.  To the right are 3 buttons.  History, Settings and Alerts and Contacts.

History – will show you the Calendar view and any recent history of events for the current day.   On the Calendar for each day a number of icons will appear showing you a quick summary with the number of those events beside it in brackets i.e.: (4).  You can search back up to 12 months provided the stove has been connected to the system for that long, and you can drill into any day to see what has been happening with the stove.

Settings – This page will show you all of the different feature settings.  The iGuardStove is completely customizable for almost any situation.  Checking down further in our technical section will discuss each of these features individually.

Alerts & Contacts – These section will show you who is in your list to receive Alerts and Notifications depending on which types are being sent.  You can find more on this feature further down in the technical section.

Add a Device

Add a Device

This button allows you to add additional stoves to your account.  If you are a multi user you can add as you wish.

MAC Address – This number is found on the back of the Control Panel as well as on the box.  You can see an example of where the number and label is in the picture below.

Security Code – The Security Code is the 3 digit code on the label.

Name – This is the name of the stove. If you only have the one then name it something familiar. If you have many stoves then you could start with the building name and then the suite number followed by the users last name or something that helps tell them apart. The names are sorted alphabetically as well as numerically.

Click Add Device and the process is complete.

Register a stove safety device

Alerts and Contacts as well as Additional Contacts

Click here to watch a short video on how the Alerts and Contacts works

Alerts & Contacts

The Main Contact is the one you set up for your Account that manages all the stoves.  These Contacts are for additional people who would like to receive Alerts.  You might want other family members, neighbours or care workers.  Neighbours can receive Alerts that require immediate attention such as an Emergency Shut Off Alert or you might want a family member or maintenance person to receive a Loss of Communication Alert that is not as critical.

You can customize each of the Contacts to choose who receives what type of Alerts and by which delivery method they choose the get them.  Either by email or by SMS Text to their smart phone..

Emergency Alert can tell you that someone has pushed the button to quickly shut off the stove for reasons that are obviously a concern to them or simply that they need your immediate attention.  The Alerts can be sent whether the stove is in use or not.

Loss of Communication tells you that for whatever reason the iGuardStove is no longer connected to the central server and that troubleshooting is required.  This could simply mean that the router may have been unplugged or that the Wi-Fi has gone down.  What ever the reason the iGuardStove will continue to operate under the settings that it has last recieved. The Loss of Communication simply means that History data is not being sent to the central server.  When the device is reconnected it will up load the Recent History to update the records.

Auto Shut Offs within 24 hrs is an Alert that is designed to let you know if someone is forgetting the stove too often during a 24 hour period.  This may reflect that someones forgetfulness has reached a level that you feel is becoming hazardous and can therefore make changes to their level of care.  It can also suggest that someone might be having other issues that you need to follow up on.



Monthly User History for the last 12 months

Click here to watch a short video about the operations of the Monthly User History

Monthly User History

Monthly User History – will show you the Calendar view and any recent history of events for the current day. On the Calendar for each day a number of icons will appear showing you a quick summary with the number of those events beside it in brackets i.e.: (4). You can search back up to 12 months provided the stove has been connected to the system for that long.

Clicking on that day will open up the list of events for that day as seen on the next slide called Recent History. You can scan back as far as 12 months to determine any changes in memory by the User.

Keep in mind as far as privacy issues go this system collects simple anonymous information on stove usage and not identities of individuals.


Recent User History and interaction with the stove

Click here to watch a short video on how the Recent History and Monthly History works.

Recent History

The Recent History shows the interactions that have happened with the stove through out the day. It will record events such as Auto Shut Offs, use of Manual Override Timers, Lock Out times and other events and it shows them by the minute. If something happens in the kitchen that you need to anywise you can see step by step as to the chain of events .

The different icons for the events is located at the bottom of the Calendar view.



How to use the Settings page to Customize your iGuardStove Intelligent

Settings Page


Click here to watch a short video on how easy it is to use the Settings page.

The Settings page will allow you to customize each iGuardStove to suit the Users needs.  You can set the time zone that you are in, rename the stove, set up the Late Night Lock Outs and other features.  Each of the features will be described in other sections below on the expandable page.

The iGuardStove is designed to be a set it and forget it device.  All of the settings have defaults that quickly allows you to set up your account, add the stove and then you are done.  The only time you will need access the settings are if something changes in the users life and you wish to change the level of protection.  Other than that the only information you might need is in the History sections and that again is typically only looked at if questions come up about the usage of the stove.

So as soon as you add the stove the iGuardStove begins to protect your family, home and structures.




Stove Identity and Time Zone

Stove Identity

The Stove Identity allows you to rename the stove if the user changes.  It also allows you to correctly chose the time zone that the stove is in so the Recent History reports as accurate.

You can also find the iGuardStoves MAC Address if you ever need this for trouble shooting.

The Firmware version tells you if your iGuardStove has the latest software inside.  As we come up with new features it will be included in the next firmware update.  You can contact us to see if a newer version is available.  We do not automatically push through Firmware updates unless they are critical to the way the device will function.



Audible and Visual Alerts

Audible and Visual Alerts


Click here to watch a short video on how to adjust the Audible and Visual Alerts

Your iGuardStove has the ability to warn you prior to it shutting off the stove automatically.  This will allow the user to re-enter the kitchen causing the count down timer to rest thereby not having the stove shut off automatically.

The audible beeps are designed to be heard over other typical noises in the kitchen so the user can hear it from a distance over tv’s and other distracting sounds. The beeps can start for as long as up to 2 minutes before shut down for as little as 3 seconds.  It beeps every second so you might want to keep it shorter but it is customizable to each users needs.  If needed it can even be disabled all together.

The strobes work the same way and are designed to catch someones attention if they are hearing impaired.

When the stove has ALREADY been shut off and is automatically turning back on when the user has returned there will be 2 short sets of 3 beeps reminding the user that the stove is re-starting.  This is important as you do not want the stove doing something the user is not expecting.  These beeps are in the firmware and are not adjustable due to their importance to safety.

This is the online adjustments for the Intelligent model.

Stove alerts

If you have a Smart then you can access the adjustment from the Menu Screen.


Auto Shut Off Count Down Timer

Auto Shut Off Count Down Timer


Click here to watch a short video on how to adjust the Auto Shut Off countdown timer.

This timer is the heart of your iGuardStove as it determines how long the user has to be away from the motion sensor before it will shut off the stove.  The default out of the box is 5 minutes as we have determined that this is the Goldilocks zone.  It’s not too quick nor is it too long.  After the stove has been automatically shut off due to absence when the device sees the user return to the kitchen it will automatically restart the stove without having to touch and controls.

The timer can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes to custom it for the user but if you change it please keep this in mind.   A lot can happen in 5 minutes and don’t forget that the iGuardStove is designed to keep you safe when you are not attentive.  If you set it to 15 minutes because you don’t want to have to be as attentive to the stove and come back every 5 minutes you are increasing the danger that something bad could happen.

If the user is milling about the kitchen and the motion sensor can see this the Auto Shut Off countdown timer will keep resetting to it’s set maximum level and will allow the stove to continue cooking as long as it can see you.

NOTE:  The timer is an internal action and is not shown on the screen.  When the stove is turned on and the iGuardStove wakes up the words “Protection Enabled” will appear on the screen letting you know that it is working.  We have chosen to not have the timer visible as it in itself can become distracting and in some cases install concern to users that something might happen if they stand still and happen to see it counting down.  However for those situations where you need to see the timer you can select to have either the words or the timer to show.  The words are the default out the box.


Stove Timer



Manual Override Timer

Manual Override Timer


Click here to watch a short video on how to adjust the Manual Override Timer

The Manual Override timer is simply that.  It overrides the Auto Shut Off timer and allows the user to cook for times longer than the Auto Shut Off timer allows.  If you are cooking a roast for 90 minutes you do not want to have to come back into the kitchen every 5 minutes and that is when this timer is used.  It can be set up to 4 hours maximum and after it times out it will reset the iGuardStove into it’s Auto mode.

Simply push the screen button named Manual and the timer will appear.  It displays at 30 minutes and you can use the Up/Down arrows to set your required time.

The Default Timer that the timer appears is 30 minutes.  This is looked at as a convenience or favourite time and is adjustable.  If the user likes to do a roast every Sunday and it takes 88 minutes instead of having the timer start at 30 minutes and then scroll up to 88 minutes you can set the favourite time to simply be 88 minutes.  That way when they turn on the override timer it immediately say 88 minutes.

*The sample below has your Maximum set to 2 hours and the Favourite set to 50 minutes


Gas stove safety

Child Lock

Child Lock

The Child Safe feature is a second level of protection that is fully customizable.


Click here to watch a short video on how to set up the Child Safe feature.

There are 2 ways that the iGuardStove operates. The first (Initiating) is how you first turn the stove on and the second (Resuming) is how the iGuardStove turns the stove back on when you return to the kitchen.

The easiest is to have both the initiate and resume settings set to Automatic so no buttons need to be pushed on the iGuardStove control panel.

When activated the Child Safe setting will not allow the turning of the stove knob to energize the stove. The Child Safe setting requires the additional step of pushing a confirmation button on the control panel to confirm, that YES in fact, you do want the stove to turn on. This is also the case when the user returns to the kitchen the stove will NOT automatically resume cooking until the Reset button is pushed.  The onscreen display will state this too remind the user what to do.

You can also set it up so that it has Child Safe to Initiate cooking BUT still automatically resume upon seeing someone return or vice-versa. The choice is up to you.

With this 2 step procedure small children cannot turn on the stove by just turning the stove knob.  It is also helpful for people who have developed tics and such whereby they like turning knobs and flipping switches.


Child Lock Stove


Late Night Lock

Late Night Lock


Click here to watch a short video on how to set the Late Night Lock Out settings

The Late Night Lock Out allows you to disable the stove during certain hours of certain days.  This is easily done by selecting the days of the week that you wish this feature to operate and then select the times.

This is great to prevent someone from putting a pot of soup on at 3am and then falling back to sleep and thereby putting the home in jeopardy.

There is also a local lock out that does not require any internet settings.  It can simply be activated by pressing and holding the centre button for 5 seconds until the screen changes and says “Local Lock Out“.  You can release the lock out by simply pressing and holding the button for another 5 seconds.  This will allow you to quickly lock out the stove while you have to leave the area and do not want the stove to be active. This is not an internet feature but we want you to know of its existence.


Stove Lock


Activity Monitor - Daytime and Nighttime

The Daytime Activity Monitor looks for motion in the kitchen in the first 3 hours of a persons morning.  If it doesn’t see any motion it sends you a text alert suggesting that you check in on your loved one.  Maybe they had fallen and can’t get up, unconscious or even worse. If it sees they are mobile then nothing happens and the 3 hour window slides throughout the day until the Nighttime Monitor takes over.

The Nighttime Activity Monitor doesn’t send text alerts but simply records motion throughout the night so you can detect issues such as sleep walking or insomnia.

Emergency Button

Click here to watch a short video on how the Emergency Button works.

Emergency Button

The Emergency button quickly shuts off the stove. If a situation arises and the stove needs to be immediately shut off the user can step to the side and push the button safety without having to reach over the cooking elements to turn off the knob. If the iGuardStove is connected to the Internet a text alert will be sent out to those people on the Contact List chosen to receive such alerts.

This allows for users to quickly summon for help. This can be configured to contact loved ones, care workers or other support staff to quickly render assistance when needed.

Ambient Temperature Alert

This feature will be added in 2018 and will be fully explained once it’s online.