iGuardStove SMART

Dementia Stove Safety – Auto Stove Shut-Off Model For Electric Stoves

Features of the iGuardStove Smart

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Creating home independence by preventing unattended cooking fires by turning your stove into a smart stove.

Auto Shut Off Count Down Timer
5-minute-timer 400
The Auto Count Down timer controls the time that will elapse after you leave the kitchen area until the device automatically shuts down the stove top.
Right out of the box the iGuardStove will have a factory default of 5 minutes.
Using the internet account to access the device you can change the time to anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes depending on the users needs. If the visible count down timer on the display of the device becomes distracting due to the changing time you can elect to simply have the words "Protection Enabled" displayed instead.
It's a great way to prevent a stove fire.

Auto Shut Off Count Down Timer-min

Manual Override Timer for Longer Cooking Times
Manual Timer
The Manual Override Timer will override the Auto Shut Off feature and allow the stove top or oven to run continuously uninterupted for those times that the user wants to avoid the auto shut off in order to cook a chicken, roast or turkey.
The time can be set up to a maximum of 6 hours.


Local Lockout for Immediate Disabling of the Stove
There is also a Local Lockout that will completely disable the iGuardStove so you are in complete control as to when the stove can be used. Simply push and hold the centre button for 5 seconds and the whole stove will lock out. To release simply push and hold the same button again for 5 seconds. This is a fast a simple way to disable the stove if you have to run out at a moments notice.
Emergency Quick Shut Off Button
Emerg Button
The Emergency button quickly shuts off the stove. If a situation arises and the stove needs to be immediately shut off the user can step to the side and push the button safety without having to reach over the cooking elements to turn off the knob. If the iGuardStove is connected to the Internet a text alert will be sent out to those people on the Contact List chosen to receive such alerts.
This allows for users to quickly summon for help. This can be configured to contact loved ones, care workers or other support staff to quickly render assistance when needed.
Unburned Gas Sniffer
On the Gas models there is a Natural Gas sniffer in there Control Panel that mounts up underneath the upper cabinets to the side of the stove because NG is light and rises. There is also a Propane sniffer in the power box that hides down behind the stove because Propane is heavy and will migrate in that area. If the sensors smell unburned fuels the main gas valve behind the stove will be stuff off immediately preventing unwanted situations. If the iGuardStove is connected to the Internet a text alert will be sent to those people assigned to elect such an alert.

UpGrade to an Intelligent Model

Prevent a stove fire today!!!  any time you can connect to your homes Wi-Fi and then contact us and we can activate an account for you and Upgrade your iGuardStove SMART software to an iGuardStove Intelligent model.

A software upgrade charge of $199.99 applies and you don’t need to change the device.

The upgrade will give you all of the great features of the Intelligent model .

Adjustable Audible and Visual Alerts

Late Night Lock Out

User History Charts

Child Safe Feature

SMS Text and Email Alerts

Smart Phone Notification

5-Year Warranty

Emergency Personal Response Button

Multiple Device Access

Low/High Temperature Alerts*

Vacancy Alerts*

Water Over Flow Alerts*

Firmware Updates

Plus many other useful settings

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