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iGuardStove Commercials About How We Can Prevent an Unattended Cooking Kitchen Fire.

I’ll Be Right Back.

This explains how easily we are being distracted these days and what the dangerous repercussions could be.  An unattended cooking kitchen fire can erupt in just minutes.  And we all know how quickly a couple minutes can fly by when you are checking email or texting on your phone.

Sorry to Bother You.

This commercial shows how horrific the results of being distracted while cooking can be.  Texting and checking email can become dangerous.  Even something as simple as answering the door while cooking can have disastrous results for you or your loved ones.  Tests show that a home can be completely engulfed from an unattended cooking fire in about 3 minutes.  Don’t become a fire statistic.

Mom’s Memory

When your loved ones memory starts to fade you need to keep them safe in their home as oppose to sending them to an expensive care facility.  When mom wanders away the iGuardStove will automatically shut the stove of preventing a kitchen fire and when it sees that she has returned it will automatically turn the stove on to resume cooking.

Meet iGuardStove

This short little commercial quickly explains what the iGuardStove can do to protect your love ones and how simple it integrates into our lives.