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How Does the iGuardStove Work?

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The iGuardStove for electric stoves installs using a simple plugin design and can be protecting your family in minutes.  It has amazing features and every one of them was created with the needs of families in mind.  Many of these features are NOT available in any stove being manufactured today. Period!  iGuardStove in the leader in Kitchen and Home Safety for families facing the challenges of keeping loved ones safe at home. Its perfect for families affected by Autism.

For families affected by Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism gas stoves are especially dangerous because of the open flames.  The iGuardStove for gas stoves is a must for any family that need to keep their loved ones safe in their home. The incredible list of features even includes a gas leak detector with text alerting.

See how the iGuardStove can give your whole family Peace of Mind!

iGuardStove is making a HUGE difference in peoples lives! Especially in Gas stove safety. It’s a safety product you can’t live without.

I live in a busy house with 3 children (all of them are learning to use the stove) and there have been instances when they leave the cooking area unattended, greatly increasing the risk of smoke damage or a fire. iGuardStove is extra peace of mind knowing a disaster can be avoided before it starts.

J. Kristjanson

iGuardStove Owner