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Introducing the iGuard My Home Care Environment

A Peace of Mind Home Care Product

In recent years the focus has shifted from building more care facilities in order to safely house our senior population over to the thought process of bringing the care into the senior’s home.  “Aging in Place” in their homes has proven to be the best for everyone as it keeps peace in the family, keeps husbands and wives together and can add many years to their lives. But more importantly it provides dignity to our aging family members.

It’s the best and most cost-effective long-term strategy.

Governments are now realizing that the apartments that seniors stay in must be different than the typical rental apartment.  Simply calling it a Seniors Living project because it may be subsidized and it has a large population of seniors doesn’t mean that the building has the proper level of care required for the aging.  Buildings and suites need increased fire prevention, additional sensors for monitoring the health of seniors as well as functioning as a true seniors housing to the degree that it gives the families the comfort in knowing that their loved ones are safe.

We at iGuardFire recognize this fact and that is why we created the iGuardStove.  It utilizes a special package of sensors and uses unique algorithms to provide as much useful safety and health information that we could fit into one device.  It’s not just a fire prevention product but is a powerful Interactive Cognitive and Health Care Assessment tool.  This is what we call a “My Home Care” Environment which is designed for the much smaller environment of the homes of seniors.

Some of the valuable information that the iGuardStove provides is:

  • The ability to monitor for Memory Changes over time so levels of care can be modified accordingly

  • Uncovers potential sleep disorders like Insomnia, sleepwalking and other dangerous sleep related disorders

  • Can detect disorientation issues like Mid-Night Chef or Sundowning syndrome that might indicate that Dementia may be in its beginning stages

  • It can alert families and caregivers to dangerous mobility issues such as a fall

  • It can provide data to ensure that loved ones are in fact using the stove to cook hot nutritional meals on a regular basis. Evidence of disrupted eating patterns can suggest that a more in-depth analysis be performed

  • Alerts for these issues can be sent via the Internet to Smart devices for immediate attention

Being able to provide this level of information and insight into your loved one’s life is very valuable to families and care workers and the iGuardStove provides this at an extremely affordable price. The My Home Care Environment truly starts to define the senior’s home as an information gathering tool and safe place where the aging population can truly find Peace of Mind in a properly equipped home suited for seniors.

The iGuardStove is so much more than just a fire prevention product.  It’s crucial component to help seniors remain independent and safe at home.


My Home Care Environment Features

When connected to the Internet you can enjoy the following features

Track Memory Changes – Stove Usage/Events – The number of times each day that the iGuardStove has to step in and turn off a forgotten stove is recorded for up to 12 months back.  This is a very easy way to determine changes in peoples memories.

Daily Activity Monitor – Using our patented motion sensing technology is the iGuardStove doesn’t see anyone walk into the kitchen during the first 3 hours of their morning it will send a text alert suggesting you check in on the household.

Calendar of Events – The Calendar of events keeps track of when and how the stove is being used.  With this information you can see if in fact your loved ones are using the stove to cook hot meals.

Night Time Activity Monitor – The iGuardStove will create an event when it sees motion during the night.  This can show if sleep disorders may be present such as sleep walking or insomnia.

Personal Emergency Response Alert – The Emergency button will send a text message to alert people that the user may be in distress.  Being located on the iGuardStove it’s alway in the same place in the kitchen all the time.  It won’t go missing like the cordless phone.

Room Temperature Monitor – This feature will alert you to extreme temperature levels that can put someone in danger.  The Low Temperature can alert you if the home is getting to cold due to the furnace potentially having failed and putting the home at risk of frozen pipes.  The High Temperature can let you know if the home it too hot from a potential A/C failure putting loved ones at risk of dehydration.

HOME CARE User History Data Collection

The Collection History of Events

The History stays on your account for the last 12 months and can be used to determine patterns in memory change over time. Memory changes are slow to happen and are sometimes hard to recognize. By tracking the number of times the iGuardStove has to step in and automatically shut off the stove family and care workers can look back at this data to see how their loved ones are becoming more forgetful and thereby change the settings accordingly to add more safety.

Data Collection Google

The Daily Breakdown

You can look into each day for an overall view of what had happened for that day. In this example you can see the user had turned the stove on at 2pm and then left the kitchen area after 1 minute and the iGuardStove shut off the stove 5 minutes later at 2:06. The Reset that happened 2hrs 58 minutes later was the iGuardStove seeing the user return to the cooking area obviously having completely forgotten their cooking 3 hours earlier.

Would this information be helpful for you and your family when trying to understand if your loved one is safe at home? The answer is absolutely. And knowing that your iGuardStove stepped in to save the day gives you incredible peace of mind.

Stove Data usage

Are you concerned about Memory Changes in your loved ones?

iGuardStove. Prevent a stove fire before they start. The iGuardStove solution gives everyone peace of mind from a kitchen fire.

Our Auto Stove Shut Off device is great for;

  • Families in need of Dementia stove safety

  • Families in need of Alzheimer kitchen safety

  • Families in need of an Autism safe stove

  • Victims of Acquired Brain Injuries

  • Families with distracting lifestyles

iGuardStove is making a HUGE difference in peoples lives! Especially in Gas stove safety. It’s a stove guard you can’t live without.

Do you feel that your parents memory might be failing?  Are you concerned about your loved ones short term memory loss?  Is someone in your home showing signs of early stages of Dementia?  Don’t wait until they forget something on the stove and the kitchen is on fire.  It’s too late at that point.  The damage has been done.  Avoid a burnt pot or broken glass stove top due to forgotten or unattended cooking.  Get The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device that ALSO monitors certain aspects of the interaction with in the kitchen using the Home Care features that come with the iGuardStove.  Turn your existing stove into an Alzheimer or Dementia friendly stove simply by connecting the iGuardStove.

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