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iGuardStove for Gas Stoves

To start cooking first press the “Start” button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve and allows you to light your stove. After 5 minutes of not seeing any motion it shuts off the stove.  To resume cooking simply press the “Resume” button on the iGuardStove which opens our gas valve allowing you to relight the stove. This will prevent burnt food and even worse…a kitchen fire. The best gas stove auto shut off device you can buy!  Perfect for families dealing with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism.

Stove Fire Safety 

The iGuardStove consists of 2 components shown below.  The Control Panel and the Gas Power Box.  The Gas Power Box must be installed by a certified gas plumber inline with the flexible gas hose from the wall to the stove.  After that you can plug the two components together using the included connection cable, mount the control panel underneath the upper cabinet to one side of the stove and you are done.  It’s just that easy.

Control Panel

This is the Control Panel that has the motion sensor, timer and keypad.  Its available in both black or white to match your kitchens decor.

Gas Power Box

This is the Gas Power Box that hides behind the stove out of sight.  It switches the gas on and off.

Connection Cable

This cable runs from the power box below the stove up to the control panel mounted up underneath one of the cabinets beside the stove.

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