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General Questions

How does the device work? Is it complicated?
It works with a combination motion sensor and a count down timer.  The count down timer starts to count only AFTER the motion sensor can’t see you.  If you return while the timer is counting down it will automatically reset to its maximum time.  If it times out and shuts off the stove while you were out it will automatically turn the stove back on when it sees that you have returned.  Plus it has a lot of other great features listed on there features page.
How far away will the sensor pick me me before it resets the timer?
The sensor picks up in an area of about 8 – 10 feet in a cone shape.  The further from the device the wider the pattern.  It is designed to keep users close to the stove where they can keep an eye on their cooking.  It wouldn’t do it’s job if it picked you up while you were watching tv far from the stove.
Do I need a new stove for the iGuardStove to work?
Not at all.  In fact the iGuardStove was designed as a retro fit aftermarket product that will work with almost any existing stove.  But if you are buying a new stove then install an iGuardStove at that time and enjoy all the benefits for years to come.
Is this a whole new stove or just a separate add on product?
This is simply a separate device that plugs into the wall outlet for your existing stove.  You do not have to buy a new stove.
Does the iGuardStove save me on utility costs?
It can.  We have heard of people turning there stove on and walking away forgetting about.  Our data tracked one person who left it unattended for 27 hours and 2 minutes.  However the iGuardStove had turned the stove off after the first 5 saving all that energy.
Will my insurance company give me discounts on my yearly premiums?
Insurance companies are starting to endorse and recognize the iGuardStove and will offer various discounts on your yearly premiums.  Contact your insurer to see if they participate or call us to see if they are on our list.
Are these devices safe for my home? Are they Certified by safety councils?
Yes.  The iGuardStoves are certified by CSA C22.2 no. 205 in Canada and Underwriters Laboratory UL 2017 in the U.S.
Will the iGuardStove void the warranty or certifications of my stove?
NO!  All our device does is the same thing as a switch.  It simply turns the power on or off.  It’s a bit more complicated than  that but we can’t divulge all our trade secrets!

There are devices that act as temperature limiting elements and yes those WILL VOID all CSA and UL certifications on your stove.  Even though the element might have UL certification and so does your stove the stove was not given it’s certification WHILE USING that element.  If you use that kind of device you will most likely have to go through expensive re-certification processes.

Will the iGuardStove effect the performance of my stove?
Not at all.  We simply turn the power on or off and do not affect your cooking in any way.

Temperature limiting elements do affect the performance of your stove.  They do not let your stove get hot enough to catch anything on fire and therefore it becomes very difficult and frustrating when you can’t properly cook your favourite foods.


Is it good for only electric stoves?

iGuardStove is available for both electric and gas stoves.


I have connected to my Wi-Fi but it doesn't seem to do anything
All our devices are Wi-Fi capable but only the Intelligent models can connect to your online account.  If you have a Smart model and wish to upgrade to an Intelligent model simply connect the iGuardStove to your homes Wi-Fi and then call us at 844-859-3838 and we will upload the Intelligent Firmware into your device.
Can I use the iGuardStove if I do not have Internet?
Yes you can.  You will get the safe protection of the stove auto shut off as well as a manual timer and a Emergency Quick Shut Off feature.  If you want to get other great features then you can simply upgrade the software by calling us.
My home is older and my stove plug is ungrounded and only has 3 prongs. Is that ok?
iGuardFire promotes safety.  The 3 prong version is for homes that have ungrounded electrical systems which is less safe than a grounded electrical system.  Our 4 prong model is for newer homes with the safer grounded electrical systems.  If you have an older 3 prong ungrounded system we suggest that you have an electrician change the stove cord and the wall receptacle to a grounded 4 prong system.  This is not a difficult job and it is the best practice to maintain safety.

For large buildings that have many 3 prongs requirements please contact iGuardStove for a special solution.


Installation Questions

How easy is it to install
The electric models both Smart and Intelligent do not require an electrician.  Any handyman can do the job in about 15 minutes.  Everything plugs together and the control panel mounts with 2 screws.  Check out the Installation video under our Technical Menu
Where should I mount the Control Panel
The control panel works with a motion sensor so it needs a good view of your kitchen work area.  It is best mounted to one side of the stove underneath one of the upper kitchen cabinets.  This way when you are moving about the kitchen cutting vegetables and such the sensor will see you and keep resetting the timer to it’s maximum so the stove will continue to cook.
Where does the Power Box go?
The power box plugs into the wall outlet behind the stove out of sight.
How should I mount the cable that connects to the Control Panel
We recommend a small plastic cable channel available to most hardware stores.  It has adhesive on the back and will protect the cable form behind the stove up underneath the upper cabinets.  We don’t provide one because there are so many colors to choose from.

Operating Questions

Why does the words 'Protection Enabled' stay on after I turn off the stove?
The device stays on for a period of time incase you decide to come back to the stove to cook something else.  If you don’t turn the stove back on after about 5 minutes it will go to sleep automatically.
Do I need to turn the iGuardStove on and off?
No.  It is constantly powered and ready to activate as soon as you turn on the stove.  After a period of time after you are done cooking the iGuardStove will automatically go to sleep awaiting for the next time you turn on your stove.
Can I cook a roast without having it shut off every 5 minutes
Yes.  There is a manual timer that will allow you to simmer a sauce on the stovetop or a chicken in the oven for periods longer than the automatic settings
When it shuts the stove off will my stove clock go out?
No.  We have a special way of turning off the power to the stove in a way that does not wipe out the clock.  If you set up the device and the clock does go dark we have a simple settings change that you change once to quickly solve the problem once and all.

Monitoring Questions

What is the User History about
It keeps track of how many times the iGuardStove has to step in and do it’s job. In other words it records how often the stove is being forgotten. We track this data for up to 12 months and this will allow to see the change in frequency over that time. As you see it being forgotten more and more often you can then change other settings to improve the level of safety.
Can I stop my young children from fooling with the stove and accidentally turning it on?
Yes.  There is a Child Safe setting that does NOT allow the stove to become energized after the knob has been turned on.  A second level of protection is required which is the simple push of a button on the control panel to tell the device that yes you are an adult and want the stove to come on.

You can also activate this feature for the way the stove resumes cooking when you have returned to the kitchen.

Can I find out how often the stove is being used?
Yes.  The account records all the activity that happens each day with the stove.  You can look at the calendar view to see how often the stove is being used or forgotten for each day or for how long.
Can I check in on my parents stove usage if I live in a different city?
You can log into the account to change settings or check on activity as long as you have access to the Internet.  You can be down the street or across the country.  The Internet is a wonderful thing.
My dad likes to start the stove in the middle of the night while mom is sleeping. Can you stop this?
There is a Late Night Lock Out feature that allow the stove to be disabled during certain hours of the day and certain days of the week.  This means that you can lock out the stove from say 9pm at night until 7am the next morning preventing midnight snackers from turning on the stove at 3am and then falling asleep putting the home in jeopardy.
My mom ‘s memory comes and goes. She might knowingly put on some soup but when she comes back into the kitchen she forgets that she was cooking.
The iGuardStove will either turn the stove back on automatically or require you to push a button to confirm that you want it to resume cooking.  Either way a couple of short beeps will alert or remind the user that the stove has restarted.  It draws their attention to the stove so they can either continue cooking or turn the stove off manually.
We have to turn the breaker off at at night and have to set the clock each day. Does the device keep the time?
No. The clock will be fine. We have a special way of turning g off the power to the elements but not the control circuitry that looks after the clock.
Moms memory seems to be changing but I can't tell for sure. How does this device help me??
The User History keeps track of how many times the stove has been forgotten.  You can use the calendar view for the last 12 months to see if the stove has been forgotten in an increasing frequency.
I'm not sure if Dad is eating properly. Can I see if he has been using the stove?
The Recent History will show how often the stove is being turned on.  If you go online from where ever you are and check you can see the last time the stove has been used and for how long.