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iGuardStove Control Panel Display & Settings

See the different screen shots of the features in the iGuardStove stove fire monitoring system.

Main Screen

This is the Main Screen while in sleep mode.  The top portions shows the status of the stove.

The bottom part shows Manual in the middle and Menu on the right.  Manual will allow you to enter into the timer to set the Manual Timer.  

The Menu button (press and hold for 2 seconds to enter menu) will access all the settings listed below.  Use the ⬆ ⬇  arrows to to scroll and use Select to enter into that screen.

Update Settings


Once changes are made to the Internet settings the iGuardStove may require that you load the updates to the device.

This is accomplished by selecting Update Settings feature.

After it is confirmed that the update is finished you can back out by using the Back button.


Wireless Setup

To set the Wireless Network press and hold the Menu button on the control panel for 2 seconds to enter the Menu section.

Scroll to Wireless Setup using the ⬆ ⬇ arrows and choose Select.


For newer routers you can use the very simple WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature. Simply go into Menu and down to Wireless Setup and then chose Connect with WPS option.

Press Select and then press the WPS button on your router and then wait until they connect.


Choose Scan for Networks

Choose your Network and then Select.

Then enter your password using the ⬆ ⬇  arrows to Select and then move to next digit using the lower arrows.

After a Successful Connection use Back to get to Main screen.

Signal Strength

To check the Wi-Fi signal strength while under Wireless Setup choose Details which is the middle button.

This will show your signal strength that the iGuardStove is receiving from your Wi-Fi router. Make sure it is over 50% or you might have connection problems. You might have to relocate your wireless router or add a booster.


Display Settings

This setting will allow you to change the brightness and contrast of the display screen so you can see it better.


Use Select to enter this section and after you have the screen to your liking, use the Back button to return to the Main Screen display settings.

Timer Settings

NOTE: This option will only appear if the device has NEVER been connected to Wi-Fi. If you do not see the option, but want this ability you must reset the devices Factory Defaults. Keep in kind when you do this you lose the Wi-Fi connection and those features.

This is to change the default times for both the Auto Shut Off Timer and the Manual Timer.

While inside Menu use the Up Down buttons to scroll down to Timer Settings and hit Select.

Choose Select to enter Timer Settings

There are two choices- select one

To set the Auto Shut Off time select Auto Time Out

To set the maximum time the manual timer can be adjusted to use Maximum Timer.

Use the ⬆ ⬇ buttons to select between 1 and 15 minutes for the Auto Shut Off time..

Use Back to accept the new time.

Use the ⬆ ⬇ arrows to select what ever time you need. Use Back to accept the new time.

Use the ⬆ ⬇  button to select between 30 minutes and 5 hours.

Use Back to accept the new time.

Reminder Alerts


You can choose to have an Alert Reminder beep 5 seconds before the device will shut off the stove. Go to Alert Settings

Choose Select to toggle the audio alert between on and off. The factory default is Off.

Your iGuardStove is adjustable between 3 and 30 seconds.

Gas Sensors – (Gas iGuardStoves Only)


There is an Upper and Lower gas sensor. The lower is designed for pipe leaks. The Upper is designed for open unlit burners.   They are both designed to pick up DANGEROUS levels of unburned gas. The Upper MAY NOT pick up unburned gas before the 5 minute Auto Shut Off Timer times out if you have left the kitchen because it might not have reached dangerous levels.  It may smell bad but it’s not dangerous.


If connected to your wi-fi and the subscription package it will send out text alerts of gas alarms if configured to do so.

If the Upper Alert triggers and shuts off the gas valve you may Silence it or if you need to finish cooking you can use the Override to relight the burner. If it still smells a leak after 5 minutes it will again go into alert. If this continues shut off the stove and call a repair person to look at the stove.

The Lower Sensor is designed to pick up leaks from home piping or stove plumbing.  It’s a confined area and leaks should be picked up easily. Because these leaks are more serious there is NO Override option.  If the leak Alert goes off then CALL A GAS PLUMBER to come and check out your system.

Gas Sensor Management

Under the Gas Settings you will find the Zeroing feature as well as the ability to disable either of the Upper or Lower sensors.  Sometimes the sensors just might not work for your application.  These features will allow you to reset or establish a new clean air level or to simply disable the sensors.

What is the Zero Feature?

When you know FOR SURE there is NO GAS PRESENT you can use the Zero function which will tell the sensors that this is the new normal which should help to eliminate false alerts. Every kitchen is different and if you find the sensors do not work for your kitchen then you can disable either or both.

Before you press the Zero button be sure that there is NO GAS PRESENT.  When Zeroing the sensor it is telling the sensor that this is the normal level and that if you detect anything more than this level that it is ok to activate the Alert.

Disable The Sensors

Move down to either of the two sensors and then using the Select button you can toggle that sensor between On or Off.

Set Phase Switch

The iGuardStove controls the stove by turning the power on and off. There are 2 power phases that are controlled by the relays. One of the relays will also power the stoves clock. If the iGuardStove turns off the stove and the clock goes out then you need to choose the opposite phase found in this setting.

Your options will be either Phase A, Phase B or Both Phases.

Use Select to enter this area and after making your selection use the Back button to return to the Main Screen.

If you have a small 120 volt utility outlet on the stove and want that to go out as well then choose Both Phases. Keep in mind this setting will also cause the clock to go out.

About iGuardStove

The information on this screen will tell you about the MAC address of the control panel ass well as the version of the firmware that is installed.

Use Select to enter this area and after making your selection use the Back button to return to the Main Screen.

Bypass iGuardStove

Using the Bypass iGuardStove will turn the iGuardStove system off and there will be NO protection. There may be an instance where this may be necessary and if used do not forget to enable the iGuardStove afterwards.

There is also a checkbox in the Auto Shut Off Timer Settings that will not allow someone to use the Bypass iGuardStove feature from the control panel.

Use Select to enter this area and after making your selection use the Back button to return to the Main Screen.

Factory Reset

Using the Factory Reset will restore all original settings. Once you have connected the iGuardStove to the Wi-Fi then many settings that were accessible buy the control panel will no longer be available. These settings will only be accessible using your online account. Using the Factory Reset will also wipe out your Wi-Fi connection. Be careful when choosing this option.