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Certification of iGuardStove

Certified in Both Canada and the U.S.


We design and build all our products here in Canada.  In order to sell them in North America we need to assure that they are tested and certified by all the necessary government agencies.The products that require certification are certified to CSA C22.2 No. 205 and UL 2017 STANDARDS.
Our labels show QAI which is an Certified Independent Testing Laboratory located in Vancouver, BC.  QAI is one of 14 Certified Laboratories in North America of which Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) are also members of.  ALL of these laboratories certify products to the exact same standards that the CSA and UL laboratories do. The CSA and UL logos of these two laboratories are very well recognized around the world but those logos you see on so many products are actually their companies logos and not the actual standards that they test to.  We chose QAI to certify our products for many reasons but mainly because we feel that they meet or exceed the values of the CSA and UL laboratories.
Our products are also patented under US 10,241,530 B2
We set the highest standards for our products and we are confident that they will live up to your expectations.


Highest Design Standards and Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Deltatee Enterprises Ltd. is part owners of iGuardFire and is in the business of successfully evolving high technology ideas into products, specializing in the development, marketing, and financing of electronic and electronic/software based products, making Deltatee the only such enterprise in Western Canada. Being owners ensures the highest quality for our products and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Since 1978, Deltatee has successfully completed many endeavours, and we are currently supporting many new and exciting projects in various capacities. Deltatee currently holds 8 patents. This experience, combined with a highly educated, multi-disciplinary staff, well equipped facilities, and numerous specialty affiliates, provides exceptional capability to develop and market cost-effective products.