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Protect your home and family with

iGuardStove – The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

CNET’s Ashlee Clark Thompson rates the iGuardStove as “Very Good”.

The iGuardStove gets an “8/10 for Usability” and a “9/10 for Performance.”

Read the whole report here: www.cnet.com/products/iguardstove-intelligent/review/ 

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Who uses an iGuardStove?

  • Adults Aging in Place

  • Families Touched by Alzheimer’s

  • People Suffering from Brain Injuries

  • Families Dealing with Dementia

  • Physically Disabled

  • Families with Children Learning to Cook

  • Independent Living & Retirement Communities

  • Owners of Rental Properties

  • Occupational Therapists and Neurologists

  • Anyone with a Stove

WE love our iGuardStove and I really don’t think that my mother could live at home without it.  It is the number one most important piece of equipment that we use to keep Mom at home.  Outstanding product!

John K - Wisconsin

iGuardStove Owner

Choose Your iGuardStove Model

Certified – Reliable – Trusted

The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for five minutes.  Once it sees that you have returned to the kitchen it automatically turns the stove back on to resume your cooking.  No more burnt food or melted pots or pans. In minutes you can add many valuable safety features that are NOT available on stoves at all.

The iGuardStove Smart model is a simple device that has great features for stove fire prevention. It does not require to be connected to the Internet and its great for any home. PLUS your iGuardStove Smart is upgradable to an Intelligent model without having to buy a different device. Just buy a software upgrade and you’ll have the best product for kitchen range and stove safety.

The iGuardStove Intelligent model has the same simple features as the Smart and can connect to the Internet giving you a lot of additional stove fire prevention safety and Home Care features.  These patented extra features, ONLY available on the iGuardStove, are designed for kitchen fire safety situations that require higher levels of protection and monitoring. It’s great for homes as well as Adult Living communities.

Here is How the iGuardStove works

The iGuardStove for electric stoves installs using a simple plugin design and can be protecting your family in minutes.  It has amazing features and every one of them was created with the needs of families in mind.  Many of these features are NOT available in any stove being manufactured today. Period!  iGuardStove in the leader in Kitchen and Home Safety for families facing the challenges of keeping loved ones safe at home.

For families affected by Alzheimer’s or Dimentia the open flames of gas stoves is especially dangerous because of the open flames.  The iGuardStove for gas stoves is a must for any family that need to keep their loved ones safe in their home. The incredible list of features even includes a gas leak detector with text alerting.

See how the iGuardStove can give your whole family Peace of Mind!

iGuardStove is making a HUGE difference in peoples lives! Especially in Gas stove safety. It’s a safety product you can’t live without.

I live in a busy house with 3 children (all of them are learning to use the stove) and there have been instances when they leave the cooking area unattended, greatly increasing the risk of smoke damage or a fire. iGuardStove is extra peace of mind knowing a disaster can be avoided before it starts.

J. Kristjanson

iGuardStove Owner

Access iGuardStove Features Remotely

Access Features Online

Access important settings online using your Smartphone



Activity Monitor

Get a text alert if there has been no motion in the kitchen in the morning


Remote Monitoring

Check to see if and when the stove is being used to ensure safety at all times.


Text Alerts

Get important notifications of events that are happening in the kitchen



Disable Stove Remotely

Lock out your stove from anywhere using the online settings.


Variety of Stove Locks

Choose from a Caregiver Lock, Time controlled locks and a Child Lock.  All designed for maximum protection.


Comparison Chart



Advanced Motion Sensor

5 Minute Auto Shut Off Timer 

Manual Timer

Emergency Quick Shut Off

Audible and Visual  Reminders

Upgrade to the Intelligent

Wi-Fi Enabled

Remote Monitoring via Internet

Caregiver Lock

Late Night Lock 

Child Lock 

User History Reporting

Daytime Activity Alerts

Nighttime Activity Tracking 

Smart Phone Notifications

Access to multiple iGuardStoves

Emergency Personal Response

Low/High Ambient Temp. Alerts *

Adjustable  Reminders

Firmware Updates

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Text Alerts


Free Tech Support

* Coming Soon

U.S. Pricing

Canadian Pricing


For Electric Stoves

1 Year




For Electric Stoves


1 Year



Best Seller


For Gas Stove


1 Years



for 1/2" gas lines


For Gas Stoves


1 Year



For 3/4" gas lines

Learn About the iGuardStoves Features

  • Be proactive to a stove fire and not reactive

  • Create Peace of Mind for your family

  • Creates Independence for the Aging in Place

  • Connect your family

  • Remote monitoring using the Internet

  • Keep an eye on loved ones

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Comments - Tell Us What You Think Of the iGuardStove



  1. Melonie

    Awesome product! Its been a real blessing to our family. It’s kept mom at home, which has saved us thousands of dollars, but it gives us peace of mind since none of us kids live anywhere near her. And the text alerts and ability to check the stove remotely using the net keeps us all informed.

  2. Dorthey Wilson

    Great product I can sleep at nights knowing mom won’t forget to turn off the burner or over cook her breakfast. We love the idea it reports back to us with an note if there’s a problem or a partern of forgetfulness! Thank you iGuard

  3. Jim Buckingham

    I searched for two years for a product like this and I bought it as soon as I saw it. It has been 18 months since I installed the iGuardStove. I used the data that it collected to determine my mothers eating habits and to determine if she was eating a hot meal on a regular basis and it also allowed me to chart a progression of her dementia. With the iGuardStove installed I gave me peace of mind that she was safe. The usage calendar had shown me that the stove had been activated up to six times a day. Each time I received the notification text that the stove had been shut off automatically, I called her to see if everything was ok. Stove safety has slowly entered memory muscle and is now the iGuardStove only shuts the stove off maybe once or twice a week with the same regular Stove usage.
    It has allowed her to maintain her independence and live in her own home. If I was to put a dollar value on the actual savings to this point I would say in Retirement home fees alone it is near $70,000. It was a great investment.
    Peace of mind is Priceless

  4. Thomas C. Kenny

    My four grown children love the iguard as it gives them peace of mind that we have protection from kitchen fires. I think the iguard is an amazing product and should be in every kitchen. I have not experienced a stove fire since it was installed over six months ago.

  5. Bonnie J.

    Last week our stove was malfunctioning and in need of repair. As part of the repair protocol we were instructed to remove any devices attached to the stove until the stove repair was complete. My husband removed the iGuardStove (as instructed) and we waited patiently for the impending scheduled repair date. Over the next several days we came to the realization of how comforting it was to know the iGuardStove was in place protecting our family. 3 Days after removing the iGuardStove I insisted my husband reconnect the device and reinstate the peace of mind we became so accustomed to. With 3 young cooks (14, 12 & 10 Years old) in the house we never realized how important the iGuardStove was to our safety until it was no longer there. The stove has since been repaired and life is back to normal. Thank You iGuardStove for protecting my family and providing us with the peace of mind knowing lifes little cooking mistakes will not lead to disaster. (Note: the repair was the result of a unrelated faulty connection within the stove)
    Forever Grateful,

  6. Kathleen W.

    Your Guard stove device was installed in my mother’s home last May. My mother lives alone in her own home and has developed short term memory problems. What a great relief it is to know that my mother is no longer at risk of forgetting that her stove or oven is on and causing a fire. Your device is enabling my mother to continue to live safely in her own home, and has brought me great peace of mind.
    I am hoping that other families will hear about your device, and am fine if you want to share my enthusiastic commendation.

  7. Bryan M.

    Our iGuardStove arrived Monday morning it is now installed.  It has made an 83 year old lady with early stage dementia happy that she could use her stove again.  iGuardFire seems like a great outfit to deal with and it’s been a very satisfying experience.

  8. Tom K. from Annapolis, MD

    I installed the iGuardStove Gas about a year ago, and it is one of the best investments I ever made. It has saved me more than once this past year from having a kitchen fire. My wife of 55 yrs. is an invalid and I do all the cooking and between that and working on my computer I can easily lose track of time and because of this I have experienced some exciting times putting out grease fires in the kitchen. Luckily, I was able to extinguish the fires before any real damage was done. The real culprit of a grease fire in a frying pan is the smoke that fills the house causing breathing problems for My Wife and I. I would suggest that anyone who has a similar situation such as myself, invest in an iGuardStove Gas as it is a solid instrument that could easily save your life or that of others in your home. The peace of mind is another benefit that you can’t put a price on. Thank you IGuardFire.

  9. John K. from Wisconsin

    I bought this product for my elderly mother about 14 months ago. The install, setup and sync, with the wifi was fairly easy for me, and I’m a novice with anything electrical or computer related. My mother has moderate Alzheimer’s . 15 months ago she left the stove on and melted the bottom off an aluminium clad stainless steel pot. I can’t say enough about how well this product performs for my circumstance. If she forgets the stove is on, it shuts off automatically, and I see the User History. I also know that she is eating by checking the User History on my laptop. This is an invaluable tool to keep your parents from a nursing home. For the price of 2 days in a nursing home this product is a bargain! WE love our iGuardStove and I really don’t think that my mother could live at home without it. It is the number one most important piece of equipment to keep Mom at home. Outstanding product!


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